Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sister on Spring Break

Most people, even our closest relatives, when they come to stay they disrupt your lives.  I love the disruption and love having people stay with me.  But generally there is some amount of cleaning, shopping, cooking and other preparation that goes on when those we love come to visit.  Even my parents, whom I wouldn't have thought when I was younger would be that way, just are.  You want the house to be nice for them, you will have more people eating whatever meal is planned, and of course you must cook the meal.  You clear your calendar, you probably try to come home early, exercise less, do less in order to be more available for your guests.  It is all quite normal, right?  You want the stay, no matter how short or long to be meaningful, memorable and enjoyable. 

You want the temperature to be right, the bed to be right, the food to be right, your children to behave, the dog to behave and of course to get along with everyone, including hubby. 

I have to say, that there is one person who seamlessly integrates with my family.  Most of the time I still try to do all of those things I mentioned above when she comes, I mean, everyone deserves a clean toilet.  But even those times when the toilet didn't quite get clean, or the groceries didn't quite get purchased or I am crabby and uncommunicative and just want to be left alone.  Even then, she fits seamlessly into my family.

She comes in, she jumps in, she helps out.  My sister.  If you don't have a sister, or if you don't have a sister who is like this, I am sorry.  Brothers are great, but nothing is like a sister.  I was blessed with two.  My sister Daphne lives close enough that she visits quite frequently.  And oh what a God send. 

I was having a lousy week last week and Daphne came in like a breath of fresh air, laden with sunshine.  She played, she read, she bathed (the children).  She helped me shop for Easter and for house stuff; which I am terrible at.  She helped me relax, she let me nap.  It was fantastic.  Thank you, Daphne!  I unfortunately was terribly high maintenance and barely cleared a path for her to walk through the house, I have no idea if we had food in the house and of course I increased the chore list because I knew that I would have help to do something of the annoying things that needed to be done.  She spent her spring break with me and for that I am truly thankful. 

Now if I could just figure out how to get her to move to St. Louis.......


Daphne said...

Thank you for the kind words. I love spending time with you and your family. Summer will be here soon and you will see me again!

Heather said...

I'm so happy that you two are so close to be there for each other. AZ is so many times just too far away. But I love and appreciate your posts. Btw loved the Easter pic of Jac and Mia. Very cute. Thanks for sending.

Love ya! Your big sis!