Friday, April 2, 2010

When Can We Make My Recipe?

"Mama, when can we make my recipe?"  Mia asks me.  I try and distract her.

A few minutes later, "Mama, when can we make my recipe?"  I tell her she should get her pretend mixer out and mix it up! 

A few minutes later, "Mama, it isn't pretend, it's real.  It is that green drink we had the other day with Aunt Daphne, ki weed."  I try not to laugh.

First of all, we didn't have a green drink with Aunt Daphne.  While waiting for the carousel to open I bought everyone smoothies, strawberry banana for us and orange for Daphne at the Orange Julius stand.  As you can see we didn't drink anything green, and none of them had kiwi. 

"First we have to get grass, and then the grass will turn into ki weed.  Then we need brown and wipe sugar.  And those colors you had, orange and red."  Oh my, this is involved.

"We need to put the grass in the big mixer."   Whoa, whoa, whoa, you want to me to put grass in a bowl and mix it with my mixer?  I try and go the pretend route again, no go.

Sometimes, you just got to go with the flow.

"Okay, go out and get some grass.  But we aren't using the mixer, you can stir with a spoon."

Mia proceeds to put 3 blades of grass in a bowl.  She gets out the sugar, both brown and white, and adds a few tablespoons of each.  Then she has me put in some water.  Yum.  Then we get out the food color, except I don't have red so we use orange and blue.  She mixes.

"We need some of those cranberries."  I can see she has been eyeing the cabinet and has decided to start improvising, she spotted the prunes and decided to throw one of those in.  I know that I need to bring this to a close otherwise we are going to start adding eye of newt and it is going to get disgusting.

"Okay, but that is it.  Recipe is done after I add the "cranberry"."  She agrees to this.  We add one prune and she starts hacking away at it. 

"Mama, you mix it up.  It doesn't mix up for me."  Then we get into a discussion about skin and fruit and I think she gets a little grossed out. 

"Okay, we're done."

"Mama, can I lick the spoon?"  Sure, knock yourself out.

"Mama, can you pour it into a glass for me?"  Well, it is just colored sugar water.  The prune is good for her and never really got ground up anyway.  But the grass is in there and for some reason I have to draw a line. 

"We don't eat grass, Mia.  You can have a very small sip and that is it.  We don't eat grass."  So I give her the smallest of amounts and she slurps it up.  Hmm. 

"It's good!"  Yuk


Heather said...

But mama, what about wheat grass?

Sharon said...

Do you see some Skyler in her in this picture?

Dawn said...

If only wheat grass tasted like Kiwi!