Saturday, July 21, 2012

We Drove All Night

We are in Wisconsin with the Carey clan. Jeff and I have figured out the secret of traveling with kids. Drive while they are sleeping. The only problem with this is when you arrive you are tired and they are ready to go. I took a nap with Stella, Jeff just crashed and burned after dinner. But all in all we got where we were going with only one stop and literally no screaming, I repeat - no screaming.

Friday, July 13, 2012

40 is the New 25

Wow - 40.  If that doesn't say "adult" I don't know what does.  I don't pretend that I always understand my husband or know what he is thinking.  But this once (let's be real, we women are ALWAYS assuming we know what is going on in those heads) I am going to assert what is in that beautiful head of his. 

On this Friday the 13th, 40 years from his entry into this world - is he thinking, I've done a lot!  I have a house and a couple of cars and a family and a wife and friends and a job that I like and the trappings that come with all of that?  I have accomplished what I came here for.

I don't think so.  Knowing him a little better than the next person, I think it is more of  - what have I done in this 40 years?  What mark have I made, legacy have I created?  Did I enjoy my youth, did I make the most of every moment?  Is this where I would still be if I had chosen a different path?  If I had been more motivated, worked harder, made better decisions, been luckier?

I want to say  - maybe none of those things go through his head.  (I hope that isn't true because I could have with one blog post driven him into a complete depression!)  But I think that we all have those insecurities about what I have done with my time on this planet.

Here are just a few of my favorite things that he has done - maybe not all defining moments.  But certainly when amassed make up an amazing life.  I am sure you have many others that you could share too.
  • Drove to Winslow, Arizona without planning after hearing that song.
  • Moved across the country for a job with a company that no one had ever heard of
  • Immediately got a job with a company that EVERYONE had heard of
  • Picked himself up from defeat and remade his career
  • Created his own definition of the job he wanted to do and then sold the company on him doing it
  • Bonded with his brothers
  • Created Camp Austin and wonderful memories with his nieces and nephews
  • Loved a dog named Trooper
  • Built a beautiful home in Texas and then just as quickly sold it
  • Cried at my baptism
  • Cried at our wedding
  • Talked to three sweet babies after they were born to help them into this world
  • Helped a very confused older lady find her lost car
  • Weathered the storm
  • Ordered Johnny Walker Blue Label at a bar in Rome
  • Spent $400 on a dinner in Quebec
  • Learned how to play Euchre and beat me
  • Took dance lessons
  • Invented the "lawn mower" and the "motorcycle" dance moves
  • Created ASCRT
  • Drew countless maps of the US
  • Loved me
Happy Birthday Baby -