Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day at Grant's Farm

We went to Grant's Farm over Memorial Day weekend. I forgot to take the camera, so no pics. Jac and Mia absolutely loved it! They exhausted themselves and walked pretty much the whole time. I think everyone came home that day and took a long nap, even Daddy.

Big Brother Love


Jac likes to give hugs!

If only summer was really here...


In this picture Mia makes it look like it is 100 degrees and sunny, too bad it isn't!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Potty Time

Well, here we go. Potty training. We are having some successes and some challenges, but all in all I am very proud of Jac. We started cold turkey, naked and pretty much hung out in the bathroom for the first 3 days. Wow - that was a long 3 days. Jac had a little regressing in behavior during that time, but has come through like a champ. Then we needed to get out and about a little so we started using pullups - which work great. He stays dry 80% of the time. He wears pullups if we are leaving the house or when he is sleeping. It seems to be the kinder, gentler way to potty train. No big puddles is the middle of Wal-Mart to scar him for life!

So #1 is coming along nicely. However, #2, we are taking that very slow. He likes to say, "it doesn't work" or "I don't like to poop". Either of which scares me! So no hurry, it will happen.



Quick little picnic in the backyard was fun for the kids. Anytime it isn't raining we run out to the yard and have fun.



Jeff and I went to a Cardinal's game. Unfortunately they lost but we got to have fun with some friends.

Terrible Too?

I believe that Mia has offically hit the terrible twos. Although she is no competition for a true Jac tantrum, she has decided that "mine, my do, and no" are her favorite words. The worst right now is getting in and out of the car. She would like to do it herself, get into the carseat. However, that proves to have too many distrations for a 20 month old and she forgets along the way what she is doing. Then she will shoot you her best smile and run to the other side of the car. Good thing mom has long arms.

Last Day of School

Jac got to say good-bye to all of his classmates and teachers on Thursday. They had an ice cream social along with singing and playtime. It was fun and Mia fit right in.

Mother's Day

We had a good Mother's Day with GeeGee. The Playdo that Aunt Teresa got Jac for his birthday is being put to good use - lots of fun!

Mia at the Party

Mia just sat back relaxed and took it all in.

May 10th - The Birthday Party

Jac got a lot of wonderful gifts for his third birthday party. Some new cars, new sheets for his big boy bed, some wall art to make his room a car theme, a rug for playing with cars, a tent, sidewalk chalk, playdo, Lucky Ducks and a lot more! He had fun opening presents and asked his cousins to help him, "come on guys!"

He got a water table from mama and dada - big fun! (And a big mess!)

Some decorations.

The Speed Racer cake was a big hit!

May 9th - The Third Birthday

Jac got to open a couple of presents on his actual birthday. The big party is tomorrow. Dada got him a ball and bat. Batting practice went very well. He was able to hit a couple of balls with some help!

My Papa

After Mom and Dad work Papa to the bone, he gets to have some rest time with me!

Sailor Girl

Mia wore this little sailor outfit to church - very cute.

Spring Sing

Jac had a "Spring Sing" concert at preschool. The sang some new songs I had never heard and some old favorites, like "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear". It was cute. Jac did very well and seemed to like everyone looking at him and his classmates.

Garden Helpers

With all the rain, the weeds are out of control! Jac and Mia like to help...

Corn Eaters


My goodness they like corn on the cob.