Monday, May 19, 2008

Potty Time

Well, here we go. Potty training. We are having some successes and some challenges, but all in all I am very proud of Jac. We started cold turkey, naked and pretty much hung out in the bathroom for the first 3 days. Wow - that was a long 3 days. Jac had a little regressing in behavior during that time, but has come through like a champ. Then we needed to get out and about a little so we started using pullups - which work great. He stays dry 80% of the time. He wears pullups if we are leaving the house or when he is sleeping. It seems to be the kinder, gentler way to potty train. No big puddles is the middle of Wal-Mart to scar him for life!

So #1 is coming along nicely. However, #2, we are taking that very slow. He likes to say, "it doesn't work" or "I don't like to poop". Either of which scares me! So no hurry, it will happen.

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