Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Bump - Week 29 (almost)

Okay, so I am a day early, but here is the bump at week 29 (or week 28 and 6 days, couldn't wait).  Sorry for the bathroom mirror picture, I have discovered that Jac and Mia tend to cut off my head when they take pictures of me. 

I am starting to hit an energy wall and I don't know if that is just something that will last a day or two or if it is going to keep getting worse throughout the rest of the pregnancy.  Hopefully, I can just eat a bunch of protein and drink a lot of water and feel more energetic tomorrow.  I am excited to almost be 30 weeks, things will start getting serious soon.  Maybe I should think about getting the crib set up and more importantly a name picked out.  Hmm.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Magic for Kids

The children's museum in St Louis, is truly magical.  Mia has been asking to go to the Magic House all summer and we just didn't get around to it.  So for her birthday we invited another family; who has a daughter turning four also and we all met at the Magic House on Saturday.

So much fun.  Mia and Jac both did things they had never done before, like climbing the huge bean stalk. 

We played indoors and out and had about three hours of fun, which was our max.

 Then we stopped and ate a snack with our friends. 

We all took a snooze after such a big day, I think mommy won the nap award with a 2 hour one! 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deja Vu

It isn't all that often that I think my children look like me.  My husband's genes seem to be VERY dominant.  Howevah - we just bobbed Mia's hair today and in some of the pictures she is literally the spitting image of me when I was five.  You will have to trust me, because I don't actually have any of these pictures and even if I did I don't own a scanner in order to show them to you. 

Here is a before picture that I took last week, she happened to be wearing the same t-shirt today when we went to the salon.  Although I think she is pretty with long hair, it is just too difficult right now for us to manage and everything is getting streamlined this fall.

Meet the Teacher

Mia met her teacher this week for preschool.  We attend a preschool that sends the teachers out to the youngest students so that when they meet the teacher at school they already have some familiarity with them.  It allows the kids to have a no stress first meeting with the teacher on their own turf on their own terms.  Love it. 

Mia showed no anxiety in meeting her new teacher Mrs. G.  She has shown some anxiety in recent months with baby sitters, the church nursery and a little summer camp we did.  She also has shown some anxiety in just going to her friends houses if mommy wasn't going to stay for the playdate.  This could just be a little phase of separation anxiety, of which she really has shown very little her whole life.  Or this could be a symptom of having a pregnant mommy, there is no way to tell.

Regardless, the visit went wonderfully.  She was very talkative and outgoing, asking questions and providing answers both.  She received her new shirt and bag for school and seems excited to go and visit her classroom next week. 

On a side note, I talked to Jac's teacher yesterday and he seems to be doing very well at Kindergarten.  She said that, yes he is very shy but he always participates in the classroom activities; citing an example of a silly dance session they had at the end of class yesterday.  He got down with his silly classmates and had a huge smile on his face the whole time.  She said that he does answer her when asked a question directly in a one on one situation, but that in a group he is still very reserved.  He has taken an interest in "helping" a couple of his classmates that seem to be even more shy than he is. I do really like our teacher and how communicative she is, she sends emails out which is just my speed, but also seems to be very available to parents to discuss anything going on.

Also, my week 28 doctor's appointment went very well.  I was concerned at the last visit that I didn't grow, but not to worry!  I grew just fine this last couple of weeks.  I gained a couple of lbs and my belly is tracking nicely with where it should be at this week in development.  Baby's heart rate is great, I passed my glucose test for diabetes and now I get to count kicks everyday from here on out.  I have only had a few Braxton Hicks, and I still say they hurt, but really nothing in the last two weeks to speak of.  Who knows, this baby could go full term! 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mia Month

If the beginning of summer belongs to Jac, the end of summer will definitely be a big Mia fest.  I have begun to hear things like this, "Can I have juice for dinner, since my birthday is so close?"  Clever isn't she.  Her first birthday celebration was this weekend at Gee Gee and Papa's house. 

We started the weekend off with a trip to the lake where Jac and Mia both had their first wave runner ride(or road runner ride if you are Mia) and Jac even tried out the tube with his Aunt Misty and loved it.  Some good bonding with Uncle Doug and Aunt Misty.  Then we all came home and rested, at least I did, not sure what everyone did while I took a two hour nap.

It was my parent's 45th anniversary this weekend so it was a rolling celebration between anniversary and Mia's birthday (of course Mia's birthday isn't until September).  My sister, brother and sister-in-law and myself all chipped in and made a Mexican feast for the family.  I now know that even though my mom always has leftovers from big family dinners, she does a much better job judging food volume.  I think we could have fed a small Mexican army with the leftovers from our dinner, my parents are going to be absolutely sick of eating Mexican by the end of this week. 

Then it was present time.  Mia received some wonderful gifts.  She loves to cook and Gee Gee set her up with her own real cooking utensils and cookbook.  She also received lots of books, a snap doll, beads for making her own necklaces, a dress-up dress and all kinds of other things.  She blew out the candles on a totally pink cake and seemed a bit overwhelmed while all of us sang happy birthday.  Needless to say she had fun.

My parents were also happy to get their own cake and a few gifts.  We took lots of pictures of Mom and Dad with the grandkids.  All in all it was a pretty special evening.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Drama Waiting for the Bus

It is the fourth day of school.  We are all getting into the swing of this.  We don't feel the need to be ready 30 minutes in advance.  We have figured out that we can venture out in the morning and still make it back for lunch and to meet the bus.  Things are getting good.

Until the storm strikes.

Literally.  We had a summer heat thunderstorm that blew up right as the bus was supposed to be rounding the corner.  We saw that it was getting dark and cool.  We saw the wind whipping around, it was kind of exciting.  Then it got darker and it got even windier, the bus wasn't coming around the corner and the first few drops started to fall.  Uh oh, mama is going to get wet. 

We seem to have issues keeping umbrellas, or at least functioning umbrellas in the family.  So I knew that I was going to get wet.  I prepared myself.  It was just sprinkling.  The bus would be here any minute, I would be fine, Jac would be fine. 

All three of us (four if you count Trucker) were huddled around the screen door, looking down the street waiting for the bus to come around the corner so we could dash out and try not to get too wet.  This seemed like a good plan.  Then .....


An extremely loud clap of thunder accompanied by a bright flash of lightning made all of us jumped, Mia cried and both kiddos plugged their ears.  Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to be dashing out in the storm.  Hmm.  Then Jac looked up at me, with tears in his eyes getting ready to spill over, he told me "Mommy, somtimes on the bus when I am on the edge I have to hold on really tight because when we hit a bump I almost fall out of the seat."  It sounded like a confession.  But I think he was worried that any more claps of thunder and he either wouldn't be able to hold on because he would be too scared, or the sound of the thunder would physically push him from his seat. 

So, like any good mother, I offered a solution (sit on the inside or don't sit three to a seat), a hug and a kiss.  He pulled it together pretty quickly.  I also showed him that the bus was so late that the thunder and lightning were pretty much over and it was just going to rain now.

And rain it did, downpour in fact.  I grabbed Jeff's huge ski jacket, put Trucker in his crate, instructed Mia to stay in the house (in my best "or else" voice) and prepped Jac on his this was going to go down.  We waited until the instant we saw the bus come around the corner and headed out the door.  He went without hesitation and climbed right on board. 

I will be telling him when he gets home how brave he was to get on the bus in the storm and rain.  Sheesh!  At least it didn't storm on the first day of school.  I also found out that his two kindergarten buddies that he rides with on the bus also had a few tears in the waiting process this afternoon.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Aftermath

I really wish I would have taken a picture of Jac as he was decompressing from his first gruelling day at the factory  school.  The stress of the day definitely came into play.  At one point he was rolling around on the floor moaning about how tired he was.  Although he was actually pretty talkative about his day, he also wasn't taking any s*$! off anybody, especially little sister.  He was a bit aggressive which was kind of surprising.

We had some cookies ready for him, his first after school snack!  (Don't get used to it kid, after mommy has this baby it is going to be strictly carrot sticks and water.)  Over cookies he told me things about his day, what they learned:  school rules, they walked around the school, they went to music class, recess was really short, he drank orange juice for his snack, he has no idea what any of the kids names were and didn't realize that all of the kids on his bus on the way to school went to EXACTLY the same classroom. 

He also was excited to tell me that they went to two neighborhoods before coming to ours on the afternoon bus.  He said that his neighbor friend got a little nervous about this, because she expected to come straight to our neighborhood.  After some more probing I found out that he was line leader, I think everyone is in alphabetical order.  He also told me that one of the boys in his class kept getting upset (not crying) because he needed his mom.  Poor guy. 

Jac said that his head was tired after school and that he really just needed to rest it while he watched TV, hmm.  Instead I convinced everyone to go outside, it was really cool yesterday.  We had a quiet evening with everyone in bed early, although they both were so keyed up from the day's excitement it was really hard to go to sleep. 

One note on Mia.  I was kind of worried about entertaining baby girl while her favorite playmate was gone at school.  No worries.  I had forgotten how nice it is to have just one child.  We played some games, then she helped me clean her room, we made cookies and by that time it was time to go wait for the bus.  She did ask where Jac was at one point and as the afternoon wore on, she asked when he would be home a couple of times.  There really is no replacing her beloved big brother.  So now, I am excited about the afternoons that we will have together.  Once baby comes, I think she will be such a good helper. 

Today is day number two!  Now it will all be routine. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

K is for Kindergarten

Jac has had adventures before, but Jeff or I have always been with him.  He has gone to other people's houses, he went to preschool, he even went on a vacation with his grandparents for a week.  But this feels different.  There are no parents or grandparents watching over him.  He now has teachers.  This is the first day of Jac becoming an independent little person.  Pretty awesome. 

I didn't cry!  (Because it is all about me.)  And Jac didn't cry, he was just ready to get going!  He was excited this morning, but by 11am he asked, "When am going to Kindergarten?"  I can't wait to hear all about his bus ride and his first day of school. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Mosque

The Mosque.  As in the one that THEY want to build in Manhattan. 

Now that I have you sucked in, I will tell you my real opinion.  Maybe I will even drum up some hate mail or a nasty comment or two.  Yep, I don't care.  Build a mosque wherever you want.  If you can afford the property and you can maintain it, go for it.  As long as the land is zoned apporpriately, why not?  We wouldn't have a problem if it was a Jewish temple, a Hindu Temple, a Mormon Temple, a Mega Church, or a Catholic cathedral.  We wouldn't have a problem if it is was another Starbucks, Walmart or McDonald's.  Why do we have a problem with Muslims wanting to practice their faith in downtown Manhattan? 

Home of the free, land of the brave.  We call into question both of these statements when we start carrying around our crosses and pointing to the 9/11 memorial.  Seriously, we are either a free country, or we aren't.  I realize that many of our freedoms seem to slip away every year and every decade.  Is religious freedom really one that we are willing to throw to the wayside?  You are only free to practice these ten religions and after that you can pack up and move back to whereever? 

Haven't we persecuted enough people over our history?  If there is one history lesson we have yet to learn it is this one.  We must stop grouping an entire race and ethnic background into one villanious pile.  Does anyone remember what we did to the Native Americans?  No, too far back.  What about the African American's that we brought here against their will to be our slaves?  Hmm, too far back still.  What about the Japanese internment camps that we set up while trying to tear down Hitler's Jewish concentration camps?  Funny thing there, not much discussed.  What about all of us who are Irish, Polish, Black, Jewish, German, Chinese, Mexican, Italian - just to name a few of the races who have been persecuted simply because of their ethnicity or religion?  We all came here, sometimes the doors were thrown open and we were welcomed; sometimes we snuck across the border, or even shot our way in, but few of us can call ourselves original Americans.  But for some reason we can all ban together and hate whichever group is currently the lowest on the totem pole. 

Whew - glad I got that off my chest.  Now back to regular programming.

You don't even want to hear my opinion on Arizona.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fast and Furious

Kindergarten is coming fast and furious.  Today was bus safety day and meet the teacher day at Jac's school.  Jac got to ride on the school bus with his classmates and teachers.  There was a 20 minute presentation on bus safety by Buster the Talking Bus, big hit with the kiddos.  Jac got to go up and tickle buster, which was cute.  They really did a good job of making the kids feel safe about the bus.  I think most of the parents were still hyperventilating when it was all said and done, but the kids felt great!

Here is a pic of Jac getting off the school bus and learning to look left and right and left.  It must have been sweltering on the bus, because immediately after he wanted to go home because he was hot; even though popsicles were being served on the playground for all the Kindergartners.

So we came home, ate lunch at 10:30 (which is either a sign that he eats when he is stressed out or maybe he is just finally getting his appetite back from being sick). 

In the afternoon, we got to head back to school to meet Jac's teacher and visit his classroom.  He took in his school supplies and was able to look around, find his chair, his cubby and where the bathrooms are located.  All essential to being comfortable on the first day.  His teacher seems very nice and always knows his name.  His classroom seems fun and interesting and is very personalized, with all the children's names written in various places no less than 20 times.

Once we were done looking around, taking a couple of snapshots and filling out a quick form for the teacher; Jac was ready to bail.  He came, he saw and then he wanted out of there!  There was silence from the back seat on the way home and this is why:

I guess all this new stuff is enough to wear you out, even little sister.  Or it could have just been the 101 degree temperature we had again today. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bump Watch - 26 Weeks


Open House

And here we go.  We are officially attending our first elementary Open House this evening, the first of many.  Because Jac came with a little tumult, I have always said that it feels like he has been with us forever.  But Kindergarten?  I don't think so, not possible. 

But here we go anyway. 

I am excited for him and anticipate watching all of his life's adventures unfold.  Tomorrow is bus safety day and meet the teacher, both of which Jac is anticipating.  He doesn't seem nervous, just ready to get going all ready!  Kind of how I feel also. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 26 - Third Trimester Hear We Come

Oh my, I kind of forgot what the third trimester is like.  Not all roses.  Jeff says that I have been in the third trimester for at least two weeks!  But today I am 26 weeks, so officially it all begins today. 

I had my doctor's appointment on Monday and had my glucose test which screens for gestational diabetes.  The lab person had to stick me twice, even after I tell her I am no good at this.  I need a big sign that says, I hate this and my veins are terrible - get a big vein to pop out before you ever pick up that needle and don't miss!  But, I must be growing up because I didn't even get queazy, just a little sweaty.  My blood pressure and urine are good, just gained 2 pounds in a month.  I guess that is good, but my belly didn't grow very much so of course I can cling to that to worry about.  I feel baby kicking like crazy though all the time, so everything must be good in there. 

I have started having a little insomnia and lots of dreams.  Only one dream was bad, where I woke up and my belly was flat and I had no idea what had happened to the baby.  Freaky.  My other symptom that is new, huge amounts of emotions.  The highest highs and the lowest lows.  Completely not me, so it feels like my body has been taken over.  Physically, I feel great.  I have been able to exercise and do chores with no pain or sciatica. 

Right now I am trying to figure out what to say when/if the kiddos ask, how the baby got in my belly.  We had the discussion already about how the baby is coming out.  Not as painful as you would think.  (literally)  No, it doesn't come out your belly button.  Yes, you have people to help you.  And then a few details to satisfy their curiosity without causing undue stress.

Both Jac and Mia have been very clingy lately.  I think it has to do with school, but it could be just a phase.  Jeff told me the other night when he put them to bed that they told him, "Daddy we love you, but we like Mommy."  I guess that sums it up. 

I am ready to put all these emotions and hormones away for awhile.  Pretty exhausting.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Count Your Blessings

I know that this little exercise is a good way to stop feeling sorry for yourself, pull yourself out of the duldrums, or just remind you that it really isn't that bad.  So, without complaining about all things that I would like to complain about here are my top ten blessings:
  • I have a wonderful husband.
  • I have two precious children and one on the way.
  • I have a very supportive family on both my side and my husband's side.
  • I have managed to acquire friends all over the place that I can reach out to anytime.
  • I have good friends and neighbors where I live who would help me at a moment's notice.
  • I have a dog who makes me laugh.
  • I am healthy and capable.
  • I live in the land of opportunity.
  • It is August 10th so the heat can't last that much longer.
  • I have never been persecuted for my race, religion, gender, age or abilities.
Phew, after a Calgon Take Me Away kind of day maybe I should meditate on this list.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Baptism Anniversary!

Three years ago today Jac and Mia were baptized (actually yesterday), so we made cupcakes to celebrate!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is Afoot in the Household?

Childhood is really a bunch of phases strung together.  Some are good, some are not so good and all must come to an end.  I always tell this to myself when we are in a particularly nasty phase.  Poop in pants, super sloppy eating, running away from mom like it is a game, all of those lovely things.  However, the one phase that seems to be a recurring theme in our household are sleep issues.  We have had them since, dare I say Day One?  If not Day One, it must have been by 12 weeks when I went back to work and Jac got his first cold while meeting his teachers - three days BEFORE he started daycare. 

Since then we have had it all, you name it.  Nightmares, night terrors, bed wetting, sleep walking, teeth grinding, throwing up in the middle of the night, trouble going to sleep, trouble staying asleep, kids joining us in bed, us joining kids in their beds, throw in the random ear infection and it is a wonder Jeff and I aren't walking zombies.  Jeff seems to have adapted.  We have a rough night and the next day he gets up, gets ready and goes to work.  Like nothing happened.  He might take a nap on the weekend, but I am pretty sure he has always napped on the weekend.  I however, have not adapted.  I get crabbier and crabbier as the saga continues.  Surely this too must pass? 

So currently we are going through a phase where Jac is waking up again in the middle of the night.  The problem is that when he wakes up, for some reason Mia is waking up also and then we have two kids awake in the middle of the night.  Jac normally goes back to sleep either in bed with us, or me in bed with him in about 10 minutes.  Mia on the other hand, once disturbed she may take up to two hours to get back to sleep, ouch.  Why is he waking?  I have no idea.  His diet is great, he is getting a lot of exercise, our routine is pretty solid, he isn't have nightmares, terrors or falling out of bed.  His teeth grinding seems to have stopped.  So what is the deal?  What gives?  He is restless for no apparant reason.  He is stressed about something, would be my best guess.  He does start Kindergarten in less than two weeks, this is big and more than likely the reason for his angst. 

I really am not sure what to do, if anything.  Continue our routine of course, continue to feed and water well and get plenty of exercise.  And then after that, how do we help our five year deal with stress?  If anyone has any bright ideas, let me know! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tummy Troubles

It seems that with a Golden comes tummy troubles, at least that is true for both of the Goldens we have been lucky enough to own.  Most of the time, we know what Trucker got into - usually it is a rubber duck or a wiffle ball.  He loves plastic and rubber.  But today, he either doesn't have an excuse or he ate all of the evidence.  I am betting on the latter.  He had been walking around gagging, eating as much green stuff as we allowed, drinking 13 gallons of water and of course just the constant licking - like he has something stuck to his tounge.  Jeff needed to give him some love to make up for the tummy problems.  I was SHOCKED to see him gather as much of Trucker as he could on his lap - and here's the kicker - on the couch!  Yes, on the couch. 

We have been the lenient dog owners in the past, before kids.  That changed with Trucker.  I told someone, I now know the difference between dogs and children.  I don't want Trucker on the couch, the bed or surfing the counters; and if you start with these rules in place it is easy to establish boundaries.  Once you open Pandora's box, just try to get that box closed again.  For families where the dog is the child, this must sound cruel.  But seriously, a girl can only clean up a finite number of messes everyday, before going NUTS.  So I show affection to my dog in less indulgent ways - you know, the old stand bys, walks, playing ball, teaching tricks, or just a quick scratch behind the ear.  So the fact that my DH just pulled the 66 lb dog of which 30 lbs must be hair on to my couch, I was shocked.  I have no doubt, that a day in the not so distant future, I am going to walk into the cars room and find my lovely Golden grinning from the couch where I just woke him from an afternoon nap. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Artistes

Jac needed help outside with the "artist" as they like to call the easle.  I giggled when I saw that the top of his outfit was his old bike helmet.  I guess he needed a place to sit and it just didn't feel right until he had on his helmet.  They worked on their creations for over an hour and somehow the garage got all wet!