Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Aftermath

I really wish I would have taken a picture of Jac as he was decompressing from his first gruelling day at the factory  school.  The stress of the day definitely came into play.  At one point he was rolling around on the floor moaning about how tired he was.  Although he was actually pretty talkative about his day, he also wasn't taking any s*$! off anybody, especially little sister.  He was a bit aggressive which was kind of surprising.

We had some cookies ready for him, his first after school snack!  (Don't get used to it kid, after mommy has this baby it is going to be strictly carrot sticks and water.)  Over cookies he told me things about his day, what they learned:  school rules, they walked around the school, they went to music class, recess was really short, he drank orange juice for his snack, he has no idea what any of the kids names were and didn't realize that all of the kids on his bus on the way to school went to EXACTLY the same classroom. 

He also was excited to tell me that they went to two neighborhoods before coming to ours on the afternoon bus.  He said that his neighbor friend got a little nervous about this, because she expected to come straight to our neighborhood.  After some more probing I found out that he was line leader, I think everyone is in alphabetical order.  He also told me that one of the boys in his class kept getting upset (not crying) because he needed his mom.  Poor guy. 

Jac said that his head was tired after school and that he really just needed to rest it while he watched TV, hmm.  Instead I convinced everyone to go outside, it was really cool yesterday.  We had a quiet evening with everyone in bed early, although they both were so keyed up from the day's excitement it was really hard to go to sleep. 

One note on Mia.  I was kind of worried about entertaining baby girl while her favorite playmate was gone at school.  No worries.  I had forgotten how nice it is to have just one child.  We played some games, then she helped me clean her room, we made cookies and by that time it was time to go wait for the bus.  She did ask where Jac was at one point and as the afternoon wore on, she asked when he would be home a couple of times.  There really is no replacing her beloved big brother.  So now, I am excited about the afternoons that we will have together.  Once baby comes, I think she will be such a good helper. 

Today is day number two!  Now it will all be routine. 

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