Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Talker

Mia is definitely a talker. She has been saying two word phrases for a few weeks. She says "bye bye dada" or "more cracker". But today, she said her first sentence. Jeff headed upstairs this morning to take a shower and Mia said "where dada go"? Yay Mia!

Crazy Weather


Today we were outside playing in 69 degree weather, it was a bit windy but very nice. Then while Jac was napping it started to snow. We only got a trace, but it was almost a white out there for awhile with the snow coming down and the wind blowing. Mia is watching in amazement and asking to go outside.

Hat Model


Here Mia is modeling the hat that Gee Gee made her for Christmas.

Jac and Mia Playing


Jac and Mia are starting to play more and more together. In fact, Jac often gets frustrated when she doesn't play with him. He would really like for her to follow him around and do what he says. Here Jac has figured out a way to get her to push him on the school bus.



Jac and Mia are trying on some of their hats.

The Talk of Beds


We have been talking a lot about beds lately. Whose bed is a big guy or big girl bed and whose isn't. Jac needed to get into Mia's bed to see what kind it was. He liked it, especially with the music that it plays. However, he has decided that he doesn't like his bed and has been waking up a lot. A few of his friend have gotten big beds when they turned three and he is pretty excited about that. I just worry that once he is in a big bed I can say goodbye to the nap. Although he isn't taking one every day, he is back to taking one most days and definitely does better with it. Right now we are still going to shoot for a big bed at three, but we may decide to get it earlier than that.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend at Gee Gee's and Papa's

We spent the weekend at Gee Gee's and Papa's house and got to play outside for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was fantastic. The weather was very mild and it was dry. Hopefully, we didn't spread too many germs while we were there, but it was a nice respite.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The News


Jac is definitely growing up. The past two weeks he has started skipping naps. He still has to go lay down for 30 mins to 1hr, but often times he doesn't sleep. He is adjusting a bit by sleeping later in the morning, which is good for his crankiness level. Sometimes he gets an earlier bedtime also.

Jac calls any new movie or TV show "The News". He hears Jeff and I say, we are going to watch the news and he thinks that it is a new program. So right now he is watching Ice Age, or "The News" whichever way you prefer to say it!

Here is big boy Jac drinking from his big guy cup. He graduated to this after the new year. All of his old sippy cups went bye bye and he only uses a sippy cup now if we are in the car.

The Birthday Party


Oh what a day! Jac got invited to one of his friend's birthday parties. It was a lot of fun. It was held at a place that is all about jumping. At first Jac wanted nothing to do with the jumping and preferred the arcade game with the car. Then Jac got into the jumping, he started out in the small kids area and finally graduated to an actual jumpy house. This was the first time I have ever gotten him into a jumpy house, although he has had several opportunities. So it was a big day for him. He even tried to go down one of the big slides. However, that proved a bit too much. Here is one of his friends going to help Jac. And then going right by him! I ended up climbing up and talking him down. I would much rather have careful than fearless. So then we ate pizza and cake and he passed out on the way home.

Mia's Friend


Mia has a little friend a week older than her that we visit almost every Thursday. They don't really play together yet, but they do seem to like each other. Here are some pictures of them playing in a little 'house'.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Motor Mania

Today Jac and I started a Mommy and Me class. It should help to work out some of that pent up energy. The class focus on gross and fine motor development. We do things like jump, crawl through tunnels, play with play dough, and use a big parachute. Lots of singing and music too. It is a very small class with only 10 children registered and one of Jac's good friends is in it also. It will be fun for the next 8 weeks!

Growing Up


Mia has officially moved to the big table. Although Jac still insists that he is big and Mia is still little. She is at a really fun age. She wants to know the name for everything and is picking up new words every day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Registration for School

I had a small taste of the 'crazys' this morning when I registered Jac for preschool for next year. Registration started at 9:15. I was the last person to walk in at 8:30, only to sit and wait for 45 minutes. (My neighbor actually showed up at 6am to be first in line.) The good news is we got into the class we wanted and we are very excited about 3 day a week preschool next year for Jac. Mia doesn't make the cut off with her September birthday, so she will get to be with Mommy for another year!

Dress Up


Jac and Mia liked the dress up options at the Evans' house. Especially, the pink hat!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

Jac, Mia and I stayed with Tina and the kids for New Year's Eve while Jeff and Russell went to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Mizzou's first January bowl appearance in 38 years. Jac and Mia went to bed and then we played games until midnight. We had fun with Jessica and Olivia playing Apples to Apples and watching the ball drop in New York.

But I will admit, I was in bed by 12:01. Although Mia ended up joining us for the midnight celebration and didn't go to sleep until about 1am.

Winter in Chicago

Who knew? There was snow on the ground when we got to Chicago (St Charles to be exact) and then we got 8 more inches on New Year's Eve night. Jac has been playing in the snow and staying out with the big kids. He went sledding for the first time with Olivia holding him and he liked the small hill, but I don't think he will be trying the big hill again any time soon.
I do think that if it is going to be 20 degrees outside, there might as well be snow on the ground. The snow justifies the cold.