Monday, January 21, 2008

The News

Jac is definitely growing up. The past two weeks he has started skipping naps. He still has to go lay down for 30 mins to 1hr, but often times he doesn't sleep. He is adjusting a bit by sleeping later in the morning, which is good for his crankiness level. Sometimes he gets an earlier bedtime also.

Jac calls any new movie or TV show "The News". He hears Jeff and I say, we are going to watch the news and he thinks that it is a new program. So right now he is watching Ice Age, or "The News" whichever way you prefer to say it!

Here is big boy Jac drinking from his big guy cup. He graduated to this after the new year. All of his old sippy cups went bye bye and he only uses a sippy cup now if we are in the car.

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Christi said...

Hi Dawnie! I just love reading your updates about the kids. Keep it up! :)