Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet the Teacher

Mia met her teacher this week for preschool.  We attend a preschool that sends the teachers out to the youngest students so that when they meet the teacher at school they already have some familiarity with them.  It allows the kids to have a no stress first meeting with the teacher on their own turf on their own terms.  Love it. 

Mia showed no anxiety in meeting her new teacher Mrs. G.  She has shown some anxiety in recent months with baby sitters, the church nursery and a little summer camp we did.  She also has shown some anxiety in just going to her friends houses if mommy wasn't going to stay for the playdate.  This could just be a little phase of separation anxiety, of which she really has shown very little her whole life.  Or this could be a symptom of having a pregnant mommy, there is no way to tell.

Regardless, the visit went wonderfully.  She was very talkative and outgoing, asking questions and providing answers both.  She received her new shirt and bag for school and seems excited to go and visit her classroom next week. 

On a side note, I talked to Jac's teacher yesterday and he seems to be doing very well at Kindergarten.  She said that, yes he is very shy but he always participates in the classroom activities; citing an example of a silly dance session they had at the end of class yesterday.  He got down with his silly classmates and had a huge smile on his face the whole time.  She said that he does answer her when asked a question directly in a one on one situation, but that in a group he is still very reserved.  He has taken an interest in "helping" a couple of his classmates that seem to be even more shy than he is. I do really like our teacher and how communicative she is, she sends emails out which is just my speed, but also seems to be very available to parents to discuss anything going on.

Also, my week 28 doctor's appointment went very well.  I was concerned at the last visit that I didn't grow, but not to worry!  I grew just fine this last couple of weeks.  I gained a couple of lbs and my belly is tracking nicely with where it should be at this week in development.  Baby's heart rate is great, I passed my glucose test for diabetes and now I get to count kicks everyday from here on out.  I have only had a few Braxton Hicks, and I still say they hurt, but really nothing in the last two weeks to speak of.  Who knows, this baby could go full term! 

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