Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deja Vu

It isn't all that often that I think my children look like me.  My husband's genes seem to be VERY dominant.  Howevah - we just bobbed Mia's hair today and in some of the pictures she is literally the spitting image of me when I was five.  You will have to trust me, because I don't actually have any of these pictures and even if I did I don't own a scanner in order to show them to you. 

Here is a before picture that I took last week, she happened to be wearing the same t-shirt today when we went to the salon.  Although I think she is pretty with long hair, it is just too difficult right now for us to manage and everything is getting streamlined this fall.


Christi said...

She looks precious!!! I've always thought that she looks like you... :)

Kerrie said...

Before I read your blog i thought OMG- she looks exactly like dawn!! So Cute!! Happy Bday Mia- I was thinking of her today about to turn 4!! SO glad the 28 week appt went well... i totally forgot about those fab glucose tests!!

Mary said...

I think the new cut is SOOO cute on her! I didn't realize how much was cut off until I looked at these pictures! Wow!