Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tummy Troubles

It seems that with a Golden comes tummy troubles, at least that is true for both of the Goldens we have been lucky enough to own.  Most of the time, we know what Trucker got into - usually it is a rubber duck or a wiffle ball.  He loves plastic and rubber.  But today, he either doesn't have an excuse or he ate all of the evidence.  I am betting on the latter.  He had been walking around gagging, eating as much green stuff as we allowed, drinking 13 gallons of water and of course just the constant licking - like he has something stuck to his tounge.  Jeff needed to give him some love to make up for the tummy problems.  I was SHOCKED to see him gather as much of Trucker as he could on his lap - and here's the kicker - on the couch!  Yes, on the couch. 

We have been the lenient dog owners in the past, before kids.  That changed with Trucker.  I told someone, I now know the difference between dogs and children.  I don't want Trucker on the couch, the bed or surfing the counters; and if you start with these rules in place it is easy to establish boundaries.  Once you open Pandora's box, just try to get that box closed again.  For families where the dog is the child, this must sound cruel.  But seriously, a girl can only clean up a finite number of messes everyday, before going NUTS.  So I show affection to my dog in less indulgent ways - you know, the old stand bys, walks, playing ball, teaching tricks, or just a quick scratch behind the ear.  So the fact that my DH just pulled the 66 lb dog of which 30 lbs must be hair on to my couch, I was shocked.  I have no doubt, that a day in the not so distant future, I am going to walk into the cars room and find my lovely Golden grinning from the couch where I just woke him from an afternoon nap. 

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