Friday, August 13, 2010

Fast and Furious

Kindergarten is coming fast and furious.  Today was bus safety day and meet the teacher day at Jac's school.  Jac got to ride on the school bus with his classmates and teachers.  There was a 20 minute presentation on bus safety by Buster the Talking Bus, big hit with the kiddos.  Jac got to go up and tickle buster, which was cute.  They really did a good job of making the kids feel safe about the bus.  I think most of the parents were still hyperventilating when it was all said and done, but the kids felt great!

Here is a pic of Jac getting off the school bus and learning to look left and right and left.  It must have been sweltering on the bus, because immediately after he wanted to go home because he was hot; even though popsicles were being served on the playground for all the Kindergartners.

So we came home, ate lunch at 10:30 (which is either a sign that he eats when he is stressed out or maybe he is just finally getting his appetite back from being sick). 

In the afternoon, we got to head back to school to meet Jac's teacher and visit his classroom.  He took in his school supplies and was able to look around, find his chair, his cubby and where the bathrooms are located.  All essential to being comfortable on the first day.  His teacher seems very nice and always knows his name.  His classroom seems fun and interesting and is very personalized, with all the children's names written in various places no less than 20 times.

Once we were done looking around, taking a couple of snapshots and filling out a quick form for the teacher; Jac was ready to bail.  He came, he saw and then he wanted out of there!  There was silence from the back seat on the way home and this is why:

I guess all this new stuff is enough to wear you out, even little sister.  Or it could have just been the 101 degree temperature we had again today. 

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Mary said...

Oh my!!!! And it's such a short ride home... but gosh it was HOT!!!

I sure hope the weather is cooler by Tuesday!!!!