Monday, August 23, 2010

Mia Month

If the beginning of summer belongs to Jac, the end of summer will definitely be a big Mia fest.  I have begun to hear things like this, "Can I have juice for dinner, since my birthday is so close?"  Clever isn't she.  Her first birthday celebration was this weekend at Gee Gee and Papa's house. 

We started the weekend off with a trip to the lake where Jac and Mia both had their first wave runner ride(or road runner ride if you are Mia) and Jac even tried out the tube with his Aunt Misty and loved it.  Some good bonding with Uncle Doug and Aunt Misty.  Then we all came home and rested, at least I did, not sure what everyone did while I took a two hour nap.

It was my parent's 45th anniversary this weekend so it was a rolling celebration between anniversary and Mia's birthday (of course Mia's birthday isn't until September).  My sister, brother and sister-in-law and myself all chipped in and made a Mexican feast for the family.  I now know that even though my mom always has leftovers from big family dinners, she does a much better job judging food volume.  I think we could have fed a small Mexican army with the leftovers from our dinner, my parents are going to be absolutely sick of eating Mexican by the end of this week. 

Then it was present time.  Mia received some wonderful gifts.  She loves to cook and Gee Gee set her up with her own real cooking utensils and cookbook.  She also received lots of books, a snap doll, beads for making her own necklaces, a dress-up dress and all kinds of other things.  She blew out the candles on a totally pink cake and seemed a bit overwhelmed while all of us sang happy birthday.  Needless to say she had fun.

My parents were also happy to get their own cake and a few gifts.  We took lots of pictures of Mom and Dad with the grandkids.  All in all it was a pretty special evening.

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