Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Count Your Blessings

I know that this little exercise is a good way to stop feeling sorry for yourself, pull yourself out of the duldrums, or just remind you that it really isn't that bad.  So, without complaining about all things that I would like to complain about here are my top ten blessings:
  • I have a wonderful husband.
  • I have two precious children and one on the way.
  • I have a very supportive family on both my side and my husband's side.
  • I have managed to acquire friends all over the place that I can reach out to anytime.
  • I have good friends and neighbors where I live who would help me at a moment's notice.
  • I have a dog who makes me laugh.
  • I am healthy and capable.
  • I live in the land of opportunity.
  • It is August 10th so the heat can't last that much longer.
  • I have never been persecuted for my race, religion, gender, age or abilities.
Phew, after a Calgon Take Me Away kind of day maybe I should meditate on this list.

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