Friday, July 13, 2012

40 is the New 25

Wow - 40.  If that doesn't say "adult" I don't know what does.  I don't pretend that I always understand my husband or know what he is thinking.  But this once (let's be real, we women are ALWAYS assuming we know what is going on in those heads) I am going to assert what is in that beautiful head of his. 

On this Friday the 13th, 40 years from his entry into this world - is he thinking, I've done a lot!  I have a house and a couple of cars and a family and a wife and friends and a job that I like and the trappings that come with all of that?  I have accomplished what I came here for.

I don't think so.  Knowing him a little better than the next person, I think it is more of  - what have I done in this 40 years?  What mark have I made, legacy have I created?  Did I enjoy my youth, did I make the most of every moment?  Is this where I would still be if I had chosen a different path?  If I had been more motivated, worked harder, made better decisions, been luckier?

I want to say  - maybe none of those things go through his head.  (I hope that isn't true because I could have with one blog post driven him into a complete depression!)  But I think that we all have those insecurities about what I have done with my time on this planet.

Here are just a few of my favorite things that he has done - maybe not all defining moments.  But certainly when amassed make up an amazing life.  I am sure you have many others that you could share too.
  • Drove to Winslow, Arizona without planning after hearing that song.
  • Moved across the country for a job with a company that no one had ever heard of
  • Immediately got a job with a company that EVERYONE had heard of
  • Picked himself up from defeat and remade his career
  • Created his own definition of the job he wanted to do and then sold the company on him doing it
  • Bonded with his brothers
  • Created Camp Austin and wonderful memories with his nieces and nephews
  • Loved a dog named Trooper
  • Built a beautiful home in Texas and then just as quickly sold it
  • Cried at my baptism
  • Cried at our wedding
  • Talked to three sweet babies after they were born to help them into this world
  • Helped a very confused older lady find her lost car
  • Weathered the storm
  • Ordered Johnny Walker Blue Label at a bar in Rome
  • Spent $400 on a dinner in Quebec
  • Learned how to play Euchre and beat me
  • Took dance lessons
  • Invented the "lawn mower" and the "motorcycle" dance moves
  • Created ASCRT
  • Drew countless maps of the US
  • Loved me
Happy Birthday Baby -

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