Thursday, April 8, 2010

All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Preschool

Well, maybe not everything.  Maybe that comes in Kindergarten.  However, Jac has learned some very important lessons in preschool and with his preschool friends.

Include everyone, even if they are little.  Little is tough to include.  They tend to not follow important rules, like when to jump into the hoop and when to pretend you are a puppy.   Instead, they often pick the hoop up and throw it with all their might and instead of a puppy they often act like, well little people.  But those younger siblings teach us such great life lessons, it hurts when we aren't included.  No matter what, nobody wants to be a rotten egg.

Love and marriage.  Much to my surprise Jac got a marriage proposal from his best "girl" friend.  I wrote about it here.  The agreement, although I am not sure they actually talked about it, has been buttoned up and he is no longer on the market.  In fact, several other little girls have since been vying for his affection, to no avail.  He is quite loyal. 

How to sing like a pop star.  You know this is important.  When you need a little stress relief and you have just about had it, sing like a pop star.  A sure fire way to lighten your mood.  Sing like a pop star in the shower, in the car, anywhere you want!  Well, Jac has a little friend who has some older sisters.  They have great taste in music, because she sings their songs (in a nice little pop star voice) and then Jac sings them to me.  Love it.

How to be crazy, like a boy.  Jac isn't always the most rough and tumble, but he is learning.  He has a friend who is all boy and CRAZY, like a boy should be.  He is teaching Jac the ropes.  When Jac says things like, "I am going to shoot you!", in his toughest voice; I ask him where he learned this.  The answer is always his best little friend.  I am often shocked by this, but then I know he is just growing up and becoming more and more a little boy.  He is still my sensitive little guy who will hold his sister's hand when she is scared.  I think having this duality in his personality will serve him very well later in life.


Angela Blair said...

You are so right! And don't forget cry your little heart out when something doesn't go your way, and it will pass in about 5 minutes. I'm always amazed at how quickly my kids go from screaming to happy again with the most minor distraction.

Dawn said...

If only we could be diverted so easily when something breaks our hearts!