Friday, April 23, 2010

A Little Bit of Conversation

Here are some snippets of actual conversations today:

Jac:  Are you really crying?
Mia:  No, I not crying.  *snif* *snif*  My eyes are just watery.

Jac to Mia:  I have to go to the bathroom.
As he tears down the hall:  Mommy!  Mommy!  Have to go potty, I have to go potty and I have to poop!  I have to go potty and I have to poop and I pooped in my pants!
Jac to himself when he is done and has inspected his work:  That is a huge poop.

After we picked up Mia today, I told the kids we could go to the library.
Mia:  Look mommy, we are right by the Liberry!  (Which is quite convenient, considering that was our destination.)
Mom:  Yum, liberries are good.
Jac:  That's funny.  (He thinks for a minute.)  Do you say it Liberry?
Mom:  Jac, is it Library or Liberry?
Jac: Library!
Mia: Lib-, Lib-,  I can't say that. 

We made macaroni and cheese for lunch.
Mia:  Look at the cheese floating up.
Mom: There is no cheese in the water yet, just noodles.  You are holding the cheese in your hand.
Jac:  Yeah, you put the cheese on after the noodles are done.
Mia: Yeah (She always says YEAH really loud and sort of laughing, like there was a big joke that she just now understood.)  When the noodles go in the water they are wipe.
Jac looking at Mia critically:  Can you say 'white'?  (He emphasizes the 't'.)
Mia looking slightly offended:  WhiiiiiTe.  I can say it my way too, WiiiiiiPe.  (Very proud of herself.)
Jac:  Mia what other hard words can you say?
Deep thoughts by both children as they try and figure out what words Mia normally mispronounces, she can only come up with Diego.  She normally says Bedego.
Mia:  Look at the cheese floating up.

When Mia got up this morning.
Mom:  Do you want pancakes for breakfast?  That is what Jac and I had.
Mia:  YEEEES!  I want pancakes with butter, no syrup.  And I want biscuits.
In my mind:  Okay, I made pancakes and now because my three year old wants biscuits also I will just whip those up and pop them in the oven even though it is 8:30 and this train leaves at 9:05! 
Mom:  Mia, I will make you biscuits either for dinner or over the weekend.  For breakfast we are having pancakes.
Mia:  Okay
This really is my fault, I asked her if she wanted them.  There should be no negotiation with the menu!

I really am not making this up -
Jac:  Sister, hand me that car.  (We call Mia 'sister' a lot.)
Mia: no response
Jac: Woman, hand me that car!

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