Monday, April 19, 2010

Ta Na!

Mia says, "Ta Na!" instead of "Ta Da".  Very Cute.  I have to say that the curls worked out fantastic.  Although we did have to redo them and put about double the rollers in and 4x the hairspray.  I now understand why back in the day they rolled their hair every night.  If it was the 'in' thing to do you would look quite sad with stick straight hair while everyone else was litterally bouncing around with all those curls. 

New 'before' picture with the increased amount of hairspray and rollers.

Ta Na!

So sweet it will give you cavities.

On stage at the dress rehearsal.

The only way to describe three and four year olds performing tap and ballet numbers in these outfits is sheer silliness.  Most of the girls stared directly at the teacher and waited for her to give them the next move they were supposed to do. Then there were the girls like Mia who didn't care what they were supposed to be doing, they were just thrilled to be on a stage.  She was located in the "trouble maker" section, as I like to call it.  Far to the back and all the way on the end. 

It was worth every penney and every moment we spent waiting on her in practice.  I laughed until I cried and I was actually very proud of her for getting up there and smiling.  She never looked scared and never boo hoo'd.  She was terrible, but amazingly sweet and cute at the same time. 

When asked if she wanted to do dance next year, she promptly said "no".  Jeff asked her if she wanted to do soccer instead and that got a big smile and a nod before her adorable curly head passed out in the back seat from exhaustion.

On another note, Jac is home safe and sound and had a wonderful trip with his grandparents.  I will give you more details on that tomorrow.  All is right with the world!

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Stephanie said...

How cute! Very precious! You're such a good mommy! The kids are very lucky to have you!

Love you!