Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Can Do This

Let the anxiety begin!  I have often had baby sitters for my children.  I have had good baby sitters and wonderful baby sitters.  I probably have had bad baby sitters, but let's not talk about that.    I have taken long weekends without my children.  I have gone on full blown vacations without my children.  But I have always known where they were.  I have always been able to visualize what they were doing and when they were doing it.  At night they were tucked into bed, at 9am they are playing outside or riding their bikes, at noon they are eating at 3pm they are having a snack.  You see, I can close my eyes and see them in the rooms in my house or the rooms in their grandparents houses. 

Well, very soon, my dear oldest child will be whisked away on a wonderful vacation, to parts unknown with his dear loving grandparents.  I am worried to say the least.  I won't be able to imagine him being tucked into bed, eating a snack at the counter or riding his bike.  He will be perfectly well cared for, more than likely his every wish will be granted.  It is bordering on giving me hives.

I had a dream.  We don't need to go into details here.  Let's just say it was bad enough to keep me up for a good hour and make me cuddle my little boy in the middle of the night.  I really prayed last night that I wouldn't have that dream or any other dream like it - EVER. 

So ladies and gents, I need some encouragement.  I don't ask for a lot of comments generally, but getting ready to send my baby boy off with his oh so loving grandparents has me losing sleep.  So folks, tell me how it's done, tips, pointers, breathing lessons, anything you have for me.

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Heather said...

I can't speak from the parenthood aspects per se but I can from leaving my four-footed kids for the first time was stressful but after leaving reams of instructions with our very experienced house/dog sitters the first few times without mishap I realized that these people really knew what they were doing. I have to admit that after 8 years of using the same couple we still get daily calls/messages from them when we are away but I don't worry anymore. I know my babies are in good hands.

Remember that Jac is going to be with very experienced folks -- goodness knows they survived the four of us and no-one ever had too traumatic of an experience. And if it helps this is the fourth 5yr old trek they've made. And Jac has the advantage of being with his cousin -- something that the others didn't have.

I know grandma and grandpa Pickel didn't get to take all of us on a trip at the age of 5, but I did get that experience and it is something that I have always remembered.

Not sure these words will help - hope they do.

Love you!