Monday, January 4, 2010

Things I Learned Today

Jac went back to preschool today.  When he got into the car, I asked him how his day was.  He looked at me very seriously and said, "I didn't learn anything new today".  Well, I sure did.  Here are the things I learned today.

Two parents is always better than one.  Jeff went back to work today and I am sad, because my patience was gone by 9:30. 

A dog that barks a lot is really annoying.  A dog that barks at a person walking by is understandable.  A dog that barks at a tiny, little squirrel across the street in the neighbors yard is a little obsessive.  A dog that barks at his reflection is just silly.  (This is something we are going to have to work on.)

I still have it.  When required I can still sprint with the best of them.  When new doggie is escaping out the back of the yard because he ran out the door during a confusing, too many kids not enough adults moment the adrenaline kicks in and there I go.  Although I may feel that little sprint in the morning.  No dogs or children were hurt during this little event, and no adults had to spend too much time outside in crazy cold weather without a coat or gloves.

One other thing I learned today was that there are at least three little girls who have told Jac they want to marry him.  Here is an email I received from my friend regarding her little girl who no longer goes to school with Jac but is still very good friends with him.  We have regular playdates and have gotten quite close.

So you may (or may not) find this funny.

As soon as we got home this afternoon, Jane (I have changed her name for the purpose of this blog) said she wanted to write Jac a note. She started on her own but then asked how to spell words like: marry, person, know, playdates...

The final letter reads: Jac do you know that you can marry a person you have playdates with? Love, Jane

I assumed that she had overheard our conversation about her wanting to marry her daddy and that's what triggered the note. But then during bath time tonight she told the rest of the story: Supposedly Jac told her that both Makayla and Becca wanted to marry him. And in her little mind she wanted to make it clear to Jac that he didn't have to marry a girl from his preschool that he could marry a 'person' that he has playdates with.

Poor Jac, he has all kinds of Type A girls wanting to marry him!
I also learned that true to his father's nature, my little boy doesn't tell me much of what goes on at school.  This isn't terribly surprising.  I am sure that by the time he is 12 I will have learned some tricks to get the information I require.
Trucker update:  Trucker is doing well.  He did try a little escape today, but no harm.  He needs more excercise and we are going to get him trained on the Invisible Fence as soon as possible.  He likes to bark and gets a bit obsessive about it, but if you can distract him it is fine.  I am not sure what do about this because of all the bad habits Trooper had, this was not one of them.  He still loves to pick up the kids things, so we will continue to work on what toys are his.  He is great at Sitting, we are working on Stay, Come and Down.  He almost knows his name, I think in a week or so he will have it down.  We go to the vet on Thursday to make sure what is what and get his stiches out.  I also want to know how much weight she wants him to gain.  Jeff thinks he is 63 pounds I think he is more like 56 pounds. 
He can only make it to about 8PM before he passes out.  He gets all sleepy looking and can barely stand up.  He will put his head on your lap or by your hand and close his eyes and just stand there.  He is an early bird and has been carried to bed twice now.


Kelli said...

Well Hi! I'm finally getting around to checking out your blog. Fun to make this online connection. :) Hopefully I'll see you up at the school soon! :)

Dawn said...

I am glad you checked it out!

Daphne said...

Are u sure u got a dog? It sounds like u got another kid! Carrying him to bed...reaLly?

Dawn said...

Hmm, definitely a dog. I do know the difference at this stage in my life between a dog and child. I think that I will be a much better dog owner because I have children. Dogs may be able to manipulate you, but not like children! I am much stricter with Trucker than I ever was with Trooper. But yes, he did get carried to bed two nights and then got a treat for coming up the stairs the third night. But after that, he gets it! No more treats needed he knows where his bed is now.

Three Against One said...

Glad to hear that things are still going well with Trucker, that is a great name, did he come with it? Also, if you get a chance head over to my blog, I would love to hear your going to do with Jack on this issue.

Dawn said...

He came with it from the rescue, so at first he didn't know it. But he has quickly learned what "Trucker", "No" and "No Trucker" mean. Although he doesn't respond at all when I slip and call him Trooper!

Anonymous said...

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