Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's 2010

Well, I am sure that many many people are so glad so see the last of 2009.  We were fortunate and did have many blessings in 2009 but are looking hopefully to 2010 for renewed hope and faith in our wonderful country.

Jeff and I were so happy to not be laid off in 2009.  I am able to stay home with the kids which in and of itself is amazing.  We know so many families who have been laid off and are looking for work that to us just to have this stability has been fantastic. 

I made many new friends in 2009 and got closer and more comfortable to some wonderful people.  This is all we can really ask is to have a wonderful family and have close friends to share our ups and downs with.  I am not the easiest person in the world to befriend but I had plenty of women hang in there and really get to know me better.  I hope to continue to foster these friendships.

For 2010, here are a few of my hopes and dreams and dare I say resolutions.
  • Get a dog!
  • Keep those pounds at bay.
  • Work on writing more, both in and out of a blog.
  • Have fewer poopy pants in 2010 than 2009.
There are a few other things that Jeff and I are working on, but we won't share those until they come to fruition.  Happy 2010! 

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