Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is my obligatory post that all  moms must do, because we are always amazed at how fast our children grow.  Time flies and it always has.  I think the old saying is the days are so long and the years are so fast, something like that.  As a stay at home mom the days can sometimes be interminable at times although those days are receding also.  But truely the months and years fly by. 

Today is Kindergarten registration for our school district.  I was actually going to try and go up and register Jac for Kindergarten today but my printer ran out of ink and I have that lovely printer from my previous company that you can't just run to a store to get some ink.  You have to order online, so it is in the mail.  Why do I need a printer you ask?  Because I think that instead of going into Kindergarten he is actually signing up for the army, I mean I do believe that my college applications were shorter than this and they included an essay!  This is public school folks, seriously.   There are at least ten different forms and I would guess 20 pages in total to be filled out by either me or his doctors.

So I don't think we will be going up today.  To say it would be painful to fill these out up at the school while Jac and Mia are with me is an understatement.  It is hit or miss, but in general this type of situation is a recipe for disaster.  So we will wait until the ink arrives, I can print and fill these out with a glass of wine in hand. Much more doable.

Most of the forms are the government regulated type, vaccines, doctors checkups, eye doctors visits, emergency contact information and of course the all important health insurance.  Then of course you have to show the deed of your house to prove you live in the district, seriously, won't a gas bill suffice?  I do approve of the one form where they actually ask about my child, what are his strengths and weaknesses, is he especially terrified of anything besides school, and does he require any special accroutrements, etc.  I could be wrong here, but I am thinking my parents didn't fill out this form.  (If I am wrong, mom, please inform me.)  It is a kinder, gentler world that we send our children forth into these days, although with a bit more red tape and a lot more shots. 

Jac is excited about Kindergarten, although he doesn't really know what that means.   He knows it will be a different school and that he will get to ride the bus, always good times.  We are so lucky that several of his preschool friends will be heading to school with him and two of his very best "girl" friends will be getting on at the same bus stop with him.  What he doesn't know is once it starts, it doesn't stop for a very long time. 

I have always said that it feels like I have had Jac forever.  He was such a high maintenance baby and although we are growing out of most of that he still remains my first and because of that the experiment.  You always remember the experimental one more and it seems to go slower than the rest.  But Kindergarten, now that is ridiculous!


Daphne said...

I can't wait until you also get to visit the red tape machine as you will want to be a room mother or visit the art museum with 19 little minds. Are you ready for finger prints and a back ground check by the highway patrol and FBI?

Anonymous said...

you have only just begun... Kindergarten is nothing... paperwork paperwork paperwork... i always tell Russ I need an administrative assistant

Dawn said...

Oh, I have already been finger printed by Church. FBI has been informed that I will be watching nursery children.

And I would totally take an admin! But first I could really use a house cleaner, maybe then I would feel like filling out forms. But what would make it all better would be a planning meeting in Sonoma.