Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The New Chart

For a couple of years I have been thinking about creating a discipline chart for the kiddos.  In my head I always poo-pooed the idea because, well, I don't really know why I did.  I resisted this type of super structured, and what I perceive as over the top mommy behavior.  Preferring to have house rules that everyone knows. 

As little ones grow, certain behaviors come and certain behaviors go.  Often I think I won't be able to make it through the "throwing food to the floor phase" or the "reverting to poop in pants" phase or the "biting my big brother because he stole my toy" phase.  But each lovely behavior challenge does come and it does go with consistent consequences and plenty of positive reinforcement children grow and learn and move on.  However, for some reason we cannot get out of the "whine until mommy freaks out" phase or the "I don't feel like getting dressed phase", two of my least favorites.  And maybe that is why we can't seem to get out of them because they truly are terribly annoying to mommy. 

In order new attitudes we have enacted a discipline chart.  It only has four issues and four consequences, and is pretty simple and straight forward.  My true wish is to be able to say bye-bye to the whining, crying and complaining.  It is really tough for my oldest to not revert to this whenever he is tired, hungry or just needing some attention.  I am glad that he is no longer throwing himself to the ground, however we must put away the whine. 

So far I do feel the chart has helped.  It is clear and concise and there is no mistaking the consequence of whining.  I have caught both kids using it with the other, "if you cry or whine or complain you have to go to your room".  This morning Mia put it aptly, "Jac, if you cry, go to your room.  If you complain, go to your room.  If you whine, go to your room."  Maybe a bit repetive but clearly it is sinking in.  What I hope does not replace the whining is bossiness or tattling.  But at this point, I would welcome those compared to the whining! 


Daphne said...

It sounds like Mia understood completely! Very cut an dry! :)

Dawn said...

We'll see. What I failed to mention after she said all that was that she broke down into an out and out fit after I failed to let her pour her own apple juice. Hmm. I did remind her of her own words moments later.