Friday, January 15, 2010

Trucker Week 2

I can't believe Trucker has been with us for two weeks!  Everything is going very smoothly.  Of course we have endured the coldest part of the winter and so far so good.  He could definitely use more exercise, but sometimes it is just too cold!  He usually gets two walks a day, which is pretty good, they just are pretty short. 

We went to the vet on Tuesday and he is doing very well.  She took out his stiches, cleaned his ears, weighed him (60.8 lbs), gave us some flax oil for his itchiness, took a fecal sample and gave us outrageously expensive heartworm preventative and flea protection.  I do think he has gained a pound or two while he has been with us, but you can still feel his ribs.  She was actually perfectly happy with his weight, saying he could gain a pound or two but was trim and she liked that.  We will try and keep him around 63, it is so easy to put weight on a dog and not so easy to get it off.  (Just like us.)

Trucker still hasn't been off leash yet in the backyard.  We are a bit terrified to trust the invisible fence, but I think we are going to give it a whirl this weekend.  We will need to be on deck with running shoes, treats, a leash and the car in case he decides he doesn't mind the invisible fence.  Maybe we should say a prayer or two before we let him off leash, yikes. 

His naughty behaviors are still there.  He LOVES anything stuffed or plush and brings them to me constantly.  Jac keeps asking me, "why did you bring down all of these stuffed animals".  He really thinks that I am the one going up and getting them out of rooms and bringing them down.  His barking seems to be getting better, he does spook easily and tends to bark right before bed when he is half asleep and early in the morning when the rest of us are half asleep.  He paces, a lot, but I am still thinking that this will go away with time. 

He has only had two accidents in doors, once here and of course once at the in-laws house, I could have died.  He likes to go in the front yard for his business, not enough other doggy smells in the backyard I guess.  He still doesn't really "ask" to out, or maybe I am just not that observant.

Right now he is sneaking by me with one of Jac's friend's shoes in his mouth.   His tail is between his legs, better go get that shoe.


Daphne said...

I'm glad he is adjusting so well. I can't wait to meet him.

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Dawn said...

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