Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steve Pavlina

I just read a post from about how he decided to drop Google Adsense Ads and basically drop $100k of income a year while doing it.  Wow. 

This guys sounds right up my alley and I am going to explore his site.  I just started following him so really haven't read much of his content. But I like what I see so far.

My goal in blogging truly is to come up with an income.  I used to make quite a nice income when I was in marketing working for Dell, Inc.  I stopped being a marketer not quite four years ago and started being a mommy.  It was such a scary time for me, basically changing identities midstream and Jeff and I lost over half our income in the process and added two babies at the same time.  Being a fulltime mommy was one of the best and most difficult decisions I ever had to make.  I love that I did and I think that in time my creativity and entreprenurial spirit will replace at least part of that income.  But for Steve Pavlina to say that he dropped $100k a year income and feels totally at peace with it, that is awesome!

I do hope that at some point I have to make the decision on whether or not to drop $100k in advertising income because that will mean that first of all I am generating that much in ads and second that I have some sort of revenue stream to fall back on.  A book, product recommendations, free lance writing on other blogs or for online sites all of these are ways that a person could make money and there are plenty of other ways that me being a newbie blogger have no idea about.

Right now, I make no money at this.  Would I like to have income from blogging and writing in general, absolutely.  Everytime someone clicks on one of the ads on the blog I make a few cents. I only get paid from google when I reach $100, needless to say I haven't been paid by Google yet. 

But readership is up and there is literally a constant stream of opportunities out there to generate more visits to my blog.  How exciting, I really am only limited by my own time constraints. 

Check out Steve's site, he sounds like quite the self actualized guru (his diet is 100% raw vegan, yowser). 

Let me know what inspires you to do this blogging thing and what sites you aspire to.


Christi said...

Have you thought about adding forums to your blog? One of my fellow MBA's started "momsquawk" and now has a stay-at-home income...

Dawn said...

Great idea, I am trying to take everything slow so that I don't get too much on my plate. I really love the writing piece of it. Not sure how much moderation is required or how big of an audience is required. Maybe I should talk to your friend?