Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trucker Finds a Home

Well, we are officially dog owner's again.  We brought home Trucker today from the rescue group and are thrilled.  I know you are now wondering what happened to Casey and Tia.  Casey was a big girl, she had lots of energy and never really mellowed out while we were there.  She was very sweet, but while we were petting her she picked up two or three things in the room and took off with them. She will make a great dog for people who either have older kids or no kids such that they have more time to focus only on Casey. 

Tia is a sweetheart.  After spending about 30 minutes with her I was sold this morning. Jeff, not so much.  He thought she was too laid back.  Tia and Trucker came in together as strays and they were friends of some sort.  We will never know if they met along the way or if they were in the same house or even if they were brother and sister.  I do wonder if Trucker will miss Tia and whether or not she is lonely tonight.

There were two families at the rescue looking at Tia and Casey, so that made me feel better about the situation.  We wish we could take care of them all.  There was also a sweet senior girl there whom we loved.  But we don't need two dogs at this point in our lives, but maybe someday.

After meeting Trucker, Jeff was in love.  Trucker is a bit goofy but mellowed pretty quickly.  He was very interested in checking out the room he was in but he wasn't constantly being naughty.  He definitely wanted to greet every person and dog that came into the room.  He was really good with the kids right off the bat and wasn't jumping up or in their faces.  He is a Golden, so by definition he is large but he isn't huge like Casey. 

After almost two hours at the rescue, we agreed on Trucker and were able to load him up and bring him home this morning.  So far he has paced around for several hours, barked one time at a mysterious noise in the back yard (I think he may be a bird chaser), cleaned the floor in the kitchen, tried to steal two shoes, tried to steal several kids toys, tried to counter surf once, tried to get on the couch twice, asked to play ball several times, gone on two REALLY cold walks, gotten freaked out about the stairs and tried to find the hidden passageway behind the stairs and finally he has taken a couple of well deserved naps.  He seemed thirsty, but often dogs drink when they are nervous.  He has been good about pottying outside with no accidents so far, but he hasn't asked to go out yet either.  His manners seem very good for a guy who lived on the streets for awhile.  He doesn't beg (what dog doesn't beg?).  He hasn't jumped up on the kids or us even one time.  He hasn't been very vocal at all, but that could be nerves also.  When he does get something in his mouth he allows you to take it out easily.  He walks very nicely on a leash.  He sits well, although doesn't know any other commands.  And so far he doesn't seem to be a licker.  (Sorry Bentley, he may give you a run for your money on the perfect dog award.)

He is super thin, probably 50ish pounds, Jeff said approximately 63, but I don't think he is that big.  He is tall, around the same size as Trooper but blonder.  He actually reminds us a lot of Trooper.  He has a few expressions that are the same and is the same body type. 

I know it will take a while to figure out his true personality.  But we already love him and he seems too good to be true.  I know that he will be naughty and more than likely it will be because I failed to do something for him.  I am kind of excited to get to say "Mother Trucker"! when he does something really naughty, because that makes me giggle.  But we have already joked that our "third child" may become the easy one really quick (there have been a few tantrums this evening as Jac and Mia seem to be worn out from the days activities). 

Hopefully we will all sleep well tonight.

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Three Against One said...

Yeah, that is wonderful I am so glad you all found a nice dog and rescues are the best!! Good job! He reminds me of our dog Killian but more hair and a little more red toned.