Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three Things That Freak Me Out

Things that freak me out a little:

1.  Spiders - actually spiders freak me out a lot.  But recently I bought some grapes from the grocery store, typical red seedless variety.  We had used several of them already and I was going to wash up the rest to put on the table for dinner one night.  There was a freaky South American spider in there, this was definitely not your average Midwestern species.  I had put the grapes down in the strainer and was running water over them when I discovered the freaky South American spider.  Well, I tried to drown him but evidently they get a lot of rain in South America because he was unfazed.  So I quickly threw a plate over the top of the strainer so that the South American spider would remain trapped in with the grapes until Jeff got home.  We are very clear in the house that any spider found must be dealt with in a decisive manner by my husband.  He came home and released the South American spider back into the wild, which I think probably killed him because although it does rain a lot in South America I don't think that they have temperatures below 50 degrees.  It took me a while to build up the courage to buy more grapes.

2.  Extra growths inside of green peppers.  When I find an extra baby pepper inside of a large perfectly honest looking green pepper it looks like the honest looking pepper actually isn't honest at all and decided to eat its twin green pepper.  It is very cannabalistic looking when you cut into an honest looking green pepper and then all of a sudden you discover the twin of that green pepper inside its belly.  I am very squeamish about touching the dead twin pepper that has been eaten and usually have to use a knife to scrape the corpse into the trash (I definitely never use the dead twin green pepper in my salad, blech).  Bet you never look at one of those dead twin green peppers again without thinking of this story.

3.  Mushrooms - I actually eat a lot of mushrooms.  Love the taste, especially when grilled or sauteed.  Mushrooms and butter, very tastey.  However, when mushrooms spring up in my yard for no apparant reason it freaks me out.  Last year we got so much rain that the mushroom community in my yard tripled.  All of sudden we had mushrooms in a wide variety of styles and colors springing up from no where.  Where have these mushrooms been the whole time I lived here, how have they been hanging around without any above ground activity and then a particularly wet summer makes them come out of the woodwork, or the groundwork whichever the case may be? 

There are a whole myriad of bodily fluids that freak me out, but we really don't need to go there.  I went a large portion of my adulthood without having to deal with anybody else's bodily fluids except for mine; and then we got a dog.  I was still pretty exempt from cleaning up most of those because clearly one cannot be asked to clean up dog vomit if one will very soon have to be cleaning up ones own vomit.  (I have a touchy gag reflex not to be messed with.)  But after children it was all over.  There pretty much is a constant clean up on aisle 9 with an infant, toddler, small child and so on.  Maybe in the teenage years I will have a need for fewer wet wipes. 

I am sure that everyone has something weird that really freaks them out, its not just me, is it?


Mary said...

LOL! Extra growth inside of green peppers... my mind runs wild when I see that.

Spiders, I'm OK with... maybe not if I found one in my grapes!

When I happen across Extra Large Worms when digging around in the garden - now that freaks me out. Little or normal worms, OK. But HUGE worms... I usually jump about 3 feet!

Sharon said...

Well, I think your list is a little short- ye who had to be bribed to take her Temp, and faints at the eye doctor-----Need I go on?

But yes any crawly thing on me -- I tend to over react unless I can see it and immediatley get rid of it.

Dawn said...

Oh, my mother knows that I could go on and on about medical situations that freak me out. Maybe that is another post.

Daphne said...

Spiders are fine if I can see and kill the quickly, and mushrooms are weird, but not really an issue for me. Now snakes on the other hand; I will avoid an area for a few days if I have seen a snake there. Its as though they contaminate a block radius in my mind. Then I forget about it and go back to my dream land where there are no snakes. I am pretty familiar with the Missouri conservation website as when I see a snake I have to know what kind it is.