Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Blast 2010

And it did!  We finally got some snow.  Not a huge amount, right around 3 or 4 inches.  The kids are happy and crazy and excited.  We bundled up in a ridiculous amount of clothes, although they were able to stay out close to 45 minutes so I guess that did the trick.  It is 13 degrees and with the windchill feels like -5 degrees.   Yikes. 

This snow wasn't good for building things, so our requisite snowman still needs to be built for the winter of 2010.  But we did make snow angels, shoveled the drive and the front walk, got some sled rides around the block and played.  We all came back in and were starving.  Including mama, the cold weather makes me so hungry.

Pictures of playing in the snow.

And now for the rosy cheeks. 

We all ate a lot but Jac didn't drink his hot chocolate.  So I was cleaning up and getting ready to dump it down the sink.  It never fails that as soon as I throw something away, someone in the family protests because I just dumped down the sink something that looked dreadful or threw away the most important tiny scrap of paper, etc.  It happens with both kids and the hubby, I throw it out and declutter a bit and the rest of the family freaks out.  So I have really tried to start asking more.  Right before I dumped the chocolate I asked Jac if he was going to drink it.

Well, now our four year old talks in code.

"If I say 'domino' that means no, and if I say 'crackerbarrel' that means yes."  I kid you not, this was the response that I got this morning.  After an interminable pause, where of course I was getting impatient because that is the way my DNA works, he said "domino". 

I dumped it out. 


Daphne said...

It makes me laugh that Jac doesn't know McDonald's, but using Crackerbarrel in his code!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Ohmigosh! We have code talking at our house too, though most of the time is 'actions' rather than words. She'll make some crazy stance and say that means YES and then make another stance and say that means NO. The problem is it's hard to tell the difference between the two. The worse is: In the car. I'm suppose to use the mirror and look at facial expressions to determine whether I should turn right or left. Seesh!

By they way, cute rosey cheeks!

Dawn said...

Yeah - what's up with the code talk? I mean, just to get their attention to ask the question takes patience, and then I have to wait to hear what the code will be, and then I have to interpret the code? Seriously?

Sharon said...

Where is the world did he get the idea to substitute words? That is amazing to me.

Will the weekend of the 22-24th work for their trip to the Ozarks?