Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boy oh boy oh boy

It was back to school yesterday, and I have to tell you I was glad.  I believe I mentioned that I am ready for summer, however.....   I guess I just need the routine in order to keep me from going cuckoo (I had to look up how to spell cuckoo, not intuitive).  We did a lot last week, which was our saving grace.  Jac seems to be going through a bit of a naughty spell.  Shocking, I know. 

Evidently, so I am told, he behaves like a perfect gentleman at other children's houses.  I guess one of the ultimate goals is that he become an upstanding citizen contributing to the betterment of soceity.   But hello, the bigger goal is to respect your mama and take care of her when she goes senile.  I do appreciate that we won't have behavior problems at school and that he will be invited back to friends' houses, but I would love to get through one day without tears (on either of our faces). 

So, we are working on obeying the first time - no counting or having to tell him repeatedly to do something, less drama - he really deserves something from the Academy on occasion, and no back talk - my head spins around and literal steam pours out of my ears when I hear back talk. 

So it seemed to be a tough week last week.  I can see glimpses of the wonderfully behaved boy he could be and I am just not sure how to breakthrough and have that be the norm.   We still seem to have transition issues, although when on a schedule they are greatly reduced.  I think this is why he does so well in school because he knows exactly what is coming next.  The flip side of this is that he has an amazing attention span.  Seriously the kid can play by himself for hours on end. 

All you parenting gurus out there, surely you have been through this too?

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