Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Being Able to Play in Your Own Backyard, Priceless

What an accomplishment!  We finally broke down and had the Invisible Fence trainer come out.  I really was doubtful about what they could possibly do different and that a one time visit would really be worth it.  It was so worth it. 

Tonya was our trainer and she was brilliant.  She trained him for about 25 minutes and by the end of that he was mentally and physically tired.  She played with him, gave him treats and encouraged him all while showing him that he really didn't want to go anywhere near the boundaries.  It was pretty amazing.  She also tightened the heck out of the collar which of course makes the 'training' a bit easier.  She never had to turn the volume up on the intensity it just needed to be tightened so that all of Trucker's fur wasn't insulating it quite so much. 

She really encouraged us to entice him past the barrier, which I never would have done.  Not in a cruel way, but in a way that is going to happen naturally.  So if the kids leave through the back of the yard, Trucker has to know that even if they go he doesn't get to.  If a ball rolls outside of the yard, he can't follow it; things like that. 

Yesterday, he was outside with us for over an hour being quite the gentleman.  He just stayed by us, sniffed around and rolled in the grass.  He played ball with Jac and ate crumbs off the driveway and sunned himself a little.  All of those fun dog things that he hasn't gotten to do.  It was fun and a little glimpse into the whole family being able to be outside this spring and summer. Something that I doubted, up to this point, would ever happen.

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