Sunday, March 21, 2010

John Mayer in The Lou

For our tenth anniversary we were going to revisit our honeymoon locale.  Well, that didn't happen.  We will someday go back to Banff, Canada.  But this year we kept it lower key than we expected.  However, Jeff thought that we needed to celebrate by doing something out of the norm.  So, he surprised me with John Mayer tickets.  John Mayer is a fantastic singer / songwriter and he is pretty easy on the eyes, so Jeff did really good on top of a great anniversary day itself.

We were lucky because it was even a Saturday night.  The weather was a bit nasty, but we actually had great parking so we only had to brave the wind and the rain for a quick trek to the arena.  I am partial to ampitheaters, I guess because I love the warm weather mixed with the music and the little bit of extra leg room is alluring also.  But the ScottTrade Center was lovely and we were in good seats straight away from the stage. 

The opening act was Michael Franti and Spearhead, they are (according to wikipedia) a blend of hip hop, funk, reggae, jazz, folk and rock.  Jeff and I being old fogies thought that the opening act would start at 7 but that was when the doors opened and the music didn't start until 8.  Spearhead was good, didn't know many of the songs but lovely to listen to.  Felt like we needed to be sitting on the beach with a sunset in the background and a Corona.  Of course the song they are known for was great, Say Hey (I Love You). 

You'll recognize the lyrics:

This one goes out to you and yours worldwide

I say hey I be gone today
But I be back around the way
Seems like everywhere I go
The more I see the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you
I love you (3x)

And then we got to John.  Of course Jeff and I were yawning by that time and the youngin's energy drinks must have just kicked in because everyone around us was finding their groove.  So the set list had a lot from the new album, Battle Sudios (which makes sense because that is the reason for the tour).  But I don't own Battle Studios.  It was still good, I knew most of the songs and liked the ones that I didn't. 

Set List
Heartbreak Warfare - love this song off the new album

Why Georgia > Message in a Bottle - this was a great medley of both songs
Vultures - love this funky song off Continuum
Something's Missing - don't have anything to say about this
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - slow
There was an awesome drum solo somewhere around here - not much on drum solos, but trust me this was amazing. 
Perfectly Lonely - interesting insight into who John Mayer is
Assassin - one that everyone raved about that I didn't really get
Wheel - don't remember this one
Daughters - love this
Crossroads - cool beat and funky
Waiting on the World to Change - love this
Half of My Heart > Dreams - if you are going through a breakup, this is a must
No Such Thing - this is from his freshman album, the highschool song
Who Says - love this song about freedom
We left after Who Says and got to hear Gravity as we were walking out (I told you we were old).  I told Jeff that I was going to be really mad at him if Your Body is a Wonderland was played in the Encore but evidently it wasn't. 
Can't recommend this show enough.  Even if you don't know the new album he is a great performer and really seems like he lays it all out on the stage, very honest.  (I know he needs to keep his mouth shut to the media, but his show was great.)  The good thing about him is that he is the poster boy for making making the ripe old age of 32 look like 17, the man seriously needs to pull on some big boy pants.  But I am not here to critique his life, just his show.


Stephanie said...

You know why I read this blog?? Because I read "John Mayer in The Lou" as "John Mayer in the LOO!" I thought you were going to say that you were somewhere crowded, were dying to go to the bathroom, decided to run into the men's room since there was no line, and saw John Mayer at the urinal! Seriously! When I got to the end of the blog, I was like... But what about the Loo????? Did she forget what the story was supposed to be about?!?!?

Then I thought... maybe I should google Lou and Loo....

Did you do that on purpose?? =D Or are most of your friends and followers smarter than me?? DON'T ANSWER THAT!


Dawn said...

OMG - you funny girl. If anyone else read it that way, they didn't leave a comment. I wonder how many people I confused?

When Nelly says, "I'm from The Lou and I'm proud" he is not talking about the toilet!