Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kindergarten, Here We Come

Well, I finally did it.  I registered Jac for Kindergarten.  Wow - it seems like such a big accomplishment for both him and me.  The day after I registered him they were having a mini open house for kids and parents to come tour the school.  Jac was very excited.

We met in the Library and met the Principal and the Librarian, both of whom have that elementary seemingly drug induced peace about them.  They were both very nice and clearly loved their jobs.  The Librarian read a story to the kids and used the projector which was a big hit for Jac.  He instantly loved the idea of seeing the book on the big screen while the teacher read the story.  He asked if he would get to come to the Library every day and have a story read to him.  I told him he would probably come here once a week, but that his teacher in his class would probably read to him every day. 

I think it is exciting to have other grown ups read to him, mommy and daddy may get boring.

We went on the tour and got to see all of the specialty rooms like the Gym, Music Room, Art Room, Cafeteria, etc.  But most importantly we got to see the classrooms.  The thing that struck me was the amount of stuff.  This school is 35 years old (1974 was a good year) so I think it has had a lot of time to accumulate stuff.  Stuff in the corners, stuff on the walls, stuff on the ceiling, stuff.  I was a bit worried that this would be overwhelming for Jac.  He gets a little overloaded with too much stimuli.  But he seemed okay, other than the fact that he gripped my hand tightly the entire time. 

I certainly don't have to worry about discipline problems with this one.  There were kids running around, jumping on stuff, making a lot of noise, playing tag; not Jac.  He was quiet and right beside me the entire time.  It is the exact opposite, it would actually make me breath a little easier if he whooped it up a bit. 

So we got to see the Kindergarten rooms, First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade.  This is when we had to leave, we had to get to someone's half birthday party.  Jac didn't want to leave.  He really wanted to see the rest of the classrooms, even though they were all exactly the same.  He likes to complete the job. 

When I mentioned ice cream and party he was a bit more willing.  We had a good day and he asked a lot of questions.  I believe the one that sticks out the most was his fantasy about wouldn't it be "funny" if my new school and my preschool were in one building?  I think what he was saying was, wouldn't it be wonderful if I could stay at my preschool and we could just bring the other school here?  He is such his mother's child.  We love the familiar.

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Daphne said...

It sounds like he is ready to move off into the big world. He will do great. And as for those teachers, they are closet drinkers!!