Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sclemeel, schlemazel, Hasenfeffer Incorporated

Everything is better with a friend. Well, maybe except for certain private matters, ahem and reading a book. I have actually tried to read a book together with someone and it is quite annoying. You feel like you are in a race to finish the page. So those things excepting, company is good.

Jac and Mia have discovered this. At the ripe age of 3 my son declared that his sister was his best friend with no prompting. I think that happened after she stopped biting him, ouch, never good for friendships, other relationships maybe; but not friendships. Don't go getting all jealous, there is plenty of fighting and even hitting. Yesterday in fact, Jac threw a nice left hook (he's a lefty you know) and hit her squarely on her shoulder. She cried. At least he avoided her face, so maybe we need to work on the "never hit a girl and a kid in glasses", but she is his sister. Mia had accidentally hit him in the head with a baseball she was throwing, oops.

But really, they played together for about 4 hours yesterday with relatively few arguments.

Jac is afraid of the dark, well actually more than the dark, but it seems to be the worst. Mia will often say things like, "sometimes people need to go with other people when you are afraid". Well said, sister.

They also have a tendency to hold each other's hands when things get scary or difficult. They spoon like an old married couple at night. (I realize that this will get weird at some point, but right now it isn't.)

I must admit that I also lean heavily on my friends. I almost didn't do this part of the post because I worried about hurting people's feelings by excluding them. But if I do, just know that I have a really terrible memory and it seriously doesn't reflect on our friendship. I am excluding family because you know who you are and to go into deets about how MUCH I lean on you would make this post really super long. Maybe that can be tomorrow's post, ode to family.

To my friends:

To my friend I tell everything to in our weekly catch up call. I miss you, seriously, stop going to Tennessee and get your booty to Missouri.

To my friend who thinks she has a dark cloud over her head, au contraire, you are one of the lightest, brightest and most innocent of influences on my life.

To my friend who is raw and funny and always herself and who teaches me that you have to let it all hang out sometimes.

To my friend who gets more accomplished in a day than I can even write down in a list in a month, who decorates and who makes colic, GERD and lactose intolerance look like a cake walk.

To my friend who can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. She works, has babies and has mastered the art of Mexican and Irish cooking.

To my friend who may be one of the smartest people I know and is also warm and willing to help me out at the drop of a hat.

To my friend the bartender who has never grown up and I am so glad she didn't, so long as she stays out of the po po.

To my friend who is constantly breaking things, and puts no boundaries on fun or life and can use a circular saw, which scares me.

To my friend the penultimate bachelor, who has sixteen businesses, a career and a love for dangerous sports.

To my friend who I lost touch with after high school and which I regret all the time.

To my friend who pampers her chefs and her kids and her husband and still makes time for me anytime I am in town.

To my friend who uncovers other civilizations and travels the world with a fine tooth comb and a little tiny brush.

To my Lauderdale native, I always miss your wisdom.

To my fashionista friend who manages to whoop up at board games and throw a great party, and enlist me in manual labor.

To my friend who works and travels and still has time to squeeze me in.

To my friend who walks, talks and seems to be constantly watching my children, I would have gone insane in this new place without you.

To my friend with the same calling who isn't afraid to show me her heart and who has an amazing family.

To my friend who I am always calling for favors and vice versa, it is lovely having someone to reciprocate with.

To my friend who frames up everything so nicely and also is amazingly generous with her time, energy and kids clothes.

To my friend in So Co, we need to get together more than twice a year at a football game.

To my friend with amazing taste who can even sing in the choir, where does the talent end, you must take me to Home Goods.

To my friend who is shockingly funny with more energy in her pinky than most people have in their whole body.

To my friend who is about to pop, I promise the second one is easier!

To my friend who has so many kid, but it still so calm. You are an inspiration.

Here is to all my friends whom I love!


Stephanie said...

I love this! I love that you have so many friends and that you are so good about keeping up with everyone! I think I'll take a moment to tell you what I love about you! I love that you are so smart, so practical, so steady, so sensitive to what others might be going through, so wise (at first I typed WIDE! The "d" is next to the "s"! Of course, you aren't wide!), so much fun, so welcoming, so funny, that you challenge yourself to learn more, do more, try new things, and finally... that you embarrass so easily! ;) You make going to the gym so much fun! I need you to come back to Austin! I had such fun at the gym with you and lost lots of weight!

Love you, Dawn! You are amazing!


Dawn said...

I am assuming you picked out which was your line! Thank you, you made me happy today!