Thursday, March 18, 2010


Milestones, coming of age moments; all kids have them.  There are many that you know that your child will eventually achieve; crawling, walking, using the toilet, first day of school and many more.  They make you beam with pride and your heart warms.  I will often get butterflies in my stomach as my love for them grows as I learn more and more about them.  Well, yesterday was one of those days, sort of. 

Every little girl does it at some point.  I did it.  I am pretty sure I got spanked, and then my own personal photo shoot to show off the new pixie cut that I needed to cover up, you guessed it, when I cut my own hair.  Well, Mia cut her hair yesterday.  It all makes sense, looking back.

We went to the hair salon last week to get her hair trimmed up for pictures we took this week.  She has also been VERY interested in her scissors (or should I say zizzers) lately.  And then, she had a little extra time yesterday on her own while I took a shower and got dressed. 

I came downstairs and she was in her typical thumb sucking position laying on the floor.  I just happened to see a large clump of hair that looked a bit suspicious.  Most of you seeing a large clump of hair on the floor wouldn't say it was "a bit suspicious" you would immediately be alarmed.  However, we have a 60 lb Golden who is shedding every bit of his undercoat right now, so hair on the floor, well let's just say it is nothing to get too excited over.  For some reason, this looked daintier.  I picked it up.  It was definitely not fur, it was hair.  Hmm.  Interesting.

No one in the house has beautiful, fine, light brown hair; except Mia. 

I looked at her and she burst into tears.  She knew the jig was up. 

I asked her, "Did you cut your hair?"  I couldn't control myself and burst out laughing.  She was sobbing.

The only thing she could get out was, "I don't want to have a lot of hair." 

I asked all of the appropriate questions:  Why, Were you pretending to be the stylist?, Where did you cut it?

We were lucky, I actually couldn't tell where she cut her hair.  No bangs!  But I hid the scissors just in case. 


Christi said...

I cut off ONE of my two pigtails when I was little. My mom has pictures. Next milestone is when YOU have to cut the gum out of her hair (unless you've already done that).

Dawn said...

No, haven't had to cut gum out yet. I have had to cut out an electric car from her hair, but no gum, thankfully.

Daphne said...

Like mother like daughter! You are always saying your not sure if she is like you, well guess what...

Mary said...

Yep, it's a Rite of Passage, for both Mother and Daughter!

Heather said...

I remember that moment vividly and seeing certain pictures of Mia those photos to capture the moment immediately came to mind. She is definitely her mother's daughter in both looks and temperment.

Of course there was the lipstick moment too. I'm sure that one is on the slate soon down the road. Love you sis!