Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Boy and His.....Hat?

"But Mia gets to wear a bow in her hair, what do I get to wear in my hair?"  This question was posed to me on Sunday when I informed my son he could not wear his baseball cap to church.  It actually sounds like a pretty reasonable question except for the fact that at the time he was rolling around on the floor crying and screaming.  I guess we all need to learn from a young age, that life isn't fair.  That is all I could really tell him.

He has decided that wearing his baseball cap is bar none the best thing ever.  He wears it all the time, to play, he tries to wear it to dinner, to school, everywhere.  He hangs it up on his chair and puts it right back on when he has been excused from the table.  He loves his hat.

I have no idea where the hat fanaticism came from.  He did recently start a baseball training league, better known as t-ball, back in my day.  He got a new hat to go with his t-ball uniform (t-shirt), and he loves it.  He is actually wearing the St Louis Cardinal's hat that he got last year for his birthday and that he never really took an interest in.  I have heard of boys doing this, just never imagined I would have one.  He has always put on, whatever I laid out for him, no complaints. 

But I have to admit, with his blue eyes, smattering of freckles and fair skin; he is pretty cute in it.


Daphne said...

He has a very good argument. It seems that over time women have gotten the advantages of being male but men haven't gotten many of the same perks. Men can get maternity leave but still can't wear a hat at the dinner table. You're right sometimes life just isn't fair. Did you offer him a bow for his hair? Still not acceptable.

Jeff said...

I would go to bed w/ my hat and wake up w/ it when i was a kid. although that was a cardinals painters cap. :) ahh the 80's