Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Woe is Me or Should I Say Zombie is Me

Seriously, I thought you were supposed to need less sleep the older you got. Sunday night poor Jac was up all night coughing. He was waking himself up in the middle of dreams and crying and did I mention that he was coughing? After the fourth or fifth time of going into his room and soothing him, all before midnight he finally took matters into his own hands and crawled into bed with us.

I let Jeff off the hook and told him to go into the guest room. Only problem was about an hour later I had two little bodies in bed with me and one kept coughing. Long story short, it was a painful night. One of those night's that I literally have to give myself a pep talk at 3:30 AM and say you are the mommy, grow up and take care of this child. He got a fever around 3:30 and I kissed his forehead and it didn't seem that bad, but I knew that I needed to take his temp to make sure. I could barely open my eyes, but I did it. It ended up being low-grade and I just stripped him down and took the living hot water bottle named Mia into the guest room with Daddy. Lucky.

Normally, during a fitful night at some point the body will be so exhausted that regardless it will sleep undisturbed for a few hours in the morning. Not so much Sunday night. Jac literally never fell into a deep sleep. My body doesn't rest until everyone in the near vicinity is resting.

We got up late, which was good. Around 8:00 AM. Jac didn't want to walk or function on his own, I hear you kid. So I carried him downstairs propped him on the couch and turned on some Mickey Mouse. (He told me Mickey Mouse is real yesterday as well as Pooh Bear.) I made him some breakfast and let him eat in front of the TV, which is very rare and of course sister wanted the same privileges. He dragged around until about noon, then seemingly out of nowhere (I guess food will do this) he had energy again.

Me on the other hand, I dragged ALL day. I felt like I was looking through a fish eye lens the whole day. The tornado sirens were tested for a WHOLE HOUR yesterday and I literally thought I was going to go nuts. I had to sing "If your happy and you know it" for a considerable length of time. I was completely unproductive other than feeding the family. By dinner, when Jeff had to work late, I officially became mean mommy. Apologies are in order this morning to say the least. I was frayed, frazzled and beyond tired when he got home.

All is good now though. I slept from 8:00 PM to 6:30 AM, fairly straight through (Mia dropped her blanket on the floor in the middle of the night and I had to retrieve it) and feel refreshed. Jac didn't cough last night amazingly. I am glad we stayed home and did nothing yesterday; I think it really helped him.

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Three Against One said...

Those nights are tough aren't they, especially when you are use to having 8 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep. I think back to when the girls were babies and I had to get up with them every 4 hours or so and how it was no big deal and my body could totally handle it. Now when I have one night of distrupted sleep I have a hard time functioning the next day.

I love how you said "grow up your a mommy, it is time to take care of this child". That is sooo true isn't it?