Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Half Birthday Party

Everybody should celebrate their half birthday!  Well, everyone but me that is.  I need a half birthday like I need another person's poop to clean up.  But, Mia, she definitely needed to celebrate her half birthday.  Her birthday falls before school starts, so she doesn't get the "cupcakes at school, that all the little kids just eat the icing so I should have just bought a big tub of icing party", like all the other kids. 

Well, I didn't bring cupcakes because our school is nut free.  I brought little ice cream cups which were a big hit.  Here are some cutie pics of the party and the half birthday girl.

I am going to seriously consider wearing a crown on my birthday.  It justs adds a little je ne sais pas.

Eating ice cream.
With all my friends.
And my brother.


Mary in Saint Louis said...

Such cuteness!

Yea, what about wearing a crown on our birthdays??? I can just see myself pushing the cart up and down the aisles at grocery store or Target... do you think others would say "Whoa, here comes the Birthday Queen! Make way for her!" Or pumping gas into the mini-van, "Ah! It's the Birthday Mama! Your gas is free today Ma'am!"...

Sharon said...

What a great idea for those "summer" kids.
You could carry off the "Crown" with penache.

Daphne said...

Mary, I would wear it if gas were free. Work on that.