Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Summer, Please Come Soon

Spring Break, what a lovely time.  It is our third day of Spring Break and we have had something to do everyday.  I do enjoy getting out of the house and playing with our friends and not really being tied to any kind of schedule.  It makes my heart long for summer.  I am ready for hours, days, weeks at time just hanging out in the backyard and playing with the kids, talking to the neighbors and soaking up some Vitamin D. 

I have fallen into the trap of wanting my kids to be enrolled in a sport.  I think we all have.  I signed Jac up for baseball this summer with some trepidation.  Every Thursday he will have practice starting next week!  And every Saturday he will have a game either at 9 or 10 in the morning.  The game part doesn't really bother me at all.  We are generally out to breakfast and back home by 9, it just means that we have to be more on a schedule than normal.  But the practice is going to cut into dinner and that just seems like a crazy night anytime we have to rush dinner.  Is 5 too young for this?  Shouldn't I be waiting until 6 or 7 or 16 0r 17?  Who knows, who cares. 

All I can do is try and give them opportunities when it makes sense and is reasonable.  I do know that they can only have one activity each at a time and I do know that if they ever ask to be in a select league my heart will drop.  The commitment that takes is a bit unreasonable for children, at least that is my point of view at this point.

This morning we went to a gymnastics playdate, it was a great trial run for us in case we would ever want to do anything like that.  The kids spent a ton of energy and definitely got their wiggles out.  Mia fell asleep on the way home which is highly unusual for her.  We have a few more playdates set up throughout the week but they all are low key.  I need to remember that to not schedule anything on a regular basis this summer.  To have plenty of downtime to play and swim and relax.  Now if the sun would just keep shining and tell March that it is supposed to be more "lamb like", we would be doing good!

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