Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day Parties

Oh my.  I do love a holiday that comes in the blink of an eye, that is all about love and friendship and that dumps an elephant ton of candy in your lap.  Okay, I love it except for that last part.  I am sure everyone's kids love candy.  Well, mine are no exception.  Mia is generally pretty reasonable, she will eat what you allow her and not really think about it again until the next day.  She may forget altogether that she has candy; which is strange because the child has a freakishly long memory.  Maybe she just doesn't care, once she has had a taste she is good to go.  That will serve her well later in life.

Jac on the other hand, will wake up in the middle of the night proclaiming he is hungry for, take a wild guess, candy or cake or cookies.  Craziness.  He will come downstairs in the morning and beg and cry and weep for dessert.  He is a self proclaimed candy addict.  He loves the good stuff, chocolate. 

Here are some pictures of this lovely holiday.  Mia got quite the take from her "dancing Balentines party" of which she was happy to share.

And Jac was happy that she shared!

I was snack lady and mail lady for Mia's class this year. The first time that I have done this.  It was nice being the only mom and getting to help all of the little ones.

Here is Jac enjoying a ring pop a little too much!

Happy Valentines Day!  (I know it isn't Valentines Day yet, I am sure that there is still much fun to come.)

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