Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Last of the Snowmen

We have had a really hard time with our snowfall this year.  Despite our wishes, prayers and snow dances we have had very little of the white stuff.  Amazingly, everyone around us has been rolling in the stuff, literarlly.  Last year, alas, we were unable to even make a snowman because we had so little snow and one of the requirements this year was that the kiddos got to make a snowman.

Yesterday we had maybe an inch, two if it had drifted.  Somehow, our yard was completely covered and all of our neighbors yards had green poking through.  So during our playdate yesterday we all put on our snowpants and played.  It was good, we made angels, we sledded (down our slight slope in the front yard), we log rolled down the slope, we threw snowballs and of course, we built a snowman. 

So if we get no more snow, at least we have our snowman!  And here he is, I realize he is a pathetic excuse for a snowman, but look how happy they are!

(We actually got about three inches last night and have a snow day today, so we will get to play some more today.)  Jac played over an hour in it, sledded, made snow balls and built some sort of artic gas station.  Mia doesn't appreciate 26 degree weather quite as much and was drinking hot chocolate in the lodge. 


Christi said...

I love me some snow, but I'm in agreement with Mia. I love me some warm weather better. :)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Josie has been telling everyone about the snowman with Raisins for the eyes and the mouth.

Dawn said...

It was a ridiculous snowman but Julie commented on how cute he was and at least we got to check the box. I guess he will be memorable.