Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day and Other Weekend Happenings

To kick off the weekend Jeff arrived home with a dozen beautiful red roses.  Valentine's Day is sort of a quieter holiday for us because it is so close to our anniversary.  In general, we don't make too big of a holiday out of it.  We always exchange something.  I don't always get flowers, but I love them!  They just make me happy. 

On Sunday I gave Jeff an iPod nano.  We really don't have a lot of gadgets, and for not having a lot of gadgets we tend to still have a large amount of adapter cables and battery packs.  I am not sure what everyone does with all of those cables when they DO have every gadget under the sun, it is hard to manage!  But I am losing focus here.  The reason I got him a nano, after telling you that we don't make too big of a deal out of the holiday, is because I lost his last iPod.  It was a tiny little iPod shuffle that was perfect for working out or running because it was so little and light.  Somehow I have lost the silly thing.  Hopefully it still turns up, but regardless I owed him an iPod.  I decided to upgrade him, even though the nano is bigger.  The shuffle only allows you one playlist which can be incredibly annoying.  Also, the new shuffle is configured different with all of the controls on the headphones instead of the body of the iPod.  I didn't think he would like that so I decided to get him a nano.  The nano also has the ability to take video which is nice if you are out running and you swear you see Jessica Alba doing laps around you (he swears two summers ago that Jessica Alba ran past him going the other way twice) your wife can then look at the video and inform you that whoever the lovely 20 year old that you skeevishly just took video of is not Jessica Alba.

We went to a friend's house Saturday evening, just the adults.  It was advertised as game night, so we knew what to expect.  She always serves lovely appetizers and then mingles that in with some fun games.  Jeff of course, was not anticipating the game portion of the evening.  He loves games, but they tend toward the physical like flag football or games without conversation, like hearts.  We ended up playing Taboo, which is a game where you have a word you need your team to shout out, but you can't use any of the "taboo" clues to get them to say the word.  Definitely, not up Jeff's alley, or so he says.  I swear he was having a ball though.  

I have played this many times before.  I would say I am pretty average at it.  In general I do pretty good with the clue giving and tend to not do so well at the shouting out of answers.  Although Saturday night I was exactly the opposite, not so much on the clue giving, but actually quite good at guessing.  My big observation was how differently the men and the women played.  (Of course the women kicked some male booty in this game, our style of play is vastly superior to the men's.)  Men basically give one word clues and then their team responds with literally one guess.  I guess they assume that their clue is so pointed that who wouldn't be able to guess the word, and then the guessing side feels the same.  Well with the clue they were given it certainly has to be this one word, it couldn't possibly be any other word in the English language.  The women on the other hand don't pause, just let the words flow out of their mouths.  No stopping, just a continuous stream of words that somehow all makes sense.   It parallels daily life between men and women, grunts and clicks from the men and full conversations with feelings and emotions from the women.  How did the male gender produce such greats as Jefferson, Shakespeare and Churchill?  It seems like a fantastic anomaly when compared to Saturday night's fun and games; the only thing that I can come up with is that they must have had amazing mothers.  To be fair, the men actually warmed up nicely and had a good comeback.  Two of the men (Jeff being one of them) did very good a couple of rounds and did better than some of the women (me).  I believe my best round was to get four clues right and Jeff's was five.  But regardless, the women totally kicked it!

Jeff also painted a bit over the weekend, with some helpers.  Patience is a virtue when painting stairs with a ladder and two little ones helping.

Last, but certainly not least.  Mia started sleeping all night without a pullup.  I used the last one and decided she was ready.  She had gone several weeks without using it and I think I was just holding on to it for some reason.  So, she is officially done training.  She is really very consistent and good about going when she needs to.  She rarely does the "I have to potty, but can't possibly be asked to take two minutes out to do it dance". 

That was our eventful weekend, hope your's was great!

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