Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dance Class Progress

This was the fourth week of dance class.  Which sounds really impressive, although Mia goes to class just once a week.  So really it is only the fourth dance class, not so impressive.  She is progressing.  She can do a first position plie correctly.  At first she was keeping her knees together for the entire bend, which is excruciatingly painful when tried out with 35 year old knees (I just heard my ACL rip painfully, not sure how she was even doing it).  But we worked on letting light go between her knees and she got it!  So at least now dance class won't cause her to have knee surgery when she is 20. 

The teacher has started closing the blinds so I can't watch as much as I want to.  I think she wants to keep the routine they are learning a secret, which is kind of laughable.  With 15 three year olds at various levels of terrible you really can't see much of a routine at all. 

The one thing that Jac is able to report back (he can go up to the window and peer in without looking odd, four year olds can get away with things that 35 year olds can't).  Well, Mia was itchy again last night.  The last class the teacher had the blinds open for awhile and I was able to watch her dance, which is darling in its awkwardness.  Well about 10 minutes into class she starts wiggling and itching.  She is no longer dancing. 

She has her left arm down the front of her black leotard and this makes the sleeve of the leotard creep down her right arm. So now she has a whole shoulder and part of her (upper, thank goodness) chest completely bare while her left arm and hand are searching for the offensive material.  I have no idea why she is so itchy or what is causing it, but she did it again last night.

Jac went up to look in about halfway through class and came running back.  "Mommy, she's itchy again!" 

We had a conversation in the truck and I told her that she needed to not take off her leotard in the middle of class.  And if she had an issue with her leotard she could ask her teachers for help.  Well, of course she isn't going to ask her teachers for help she is going to scratch herself! 

We also got a "fun" announcement last night.   Before class, the teacher informs us that she had "forgotten all about Valentines Day".  Well, I guess she remembered in the nick of time to torture us all, and we are supposed to bring 15 Valentines for the dance class to exchange next week.  (Are you kidding me?)  I need another Valentines Day party like I need another toilet to clean.  So here we go, Mia is terribly excited.

She suggested that since Jac didn't have a dance class to exchange Valentines with that perhaps we could enroll him in a dance class by next week in order for him to have a dancing Valentines Day party.  Oh my.

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