Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Straight From the Dentist Some Really Bad Advice

Mia has given up her diapers and is close to giving up her crib.  Why oh why must she even consider giving up her thumb? 

Well, we went to the dentist today. 

Good news is both kids have great teeth, very pretty and healthy.  Both Jac and Mia did a great job with the cleaning, they both hated the fluoride (but who likes fluoride) and they both even talked to the doctor (in grunts and nods). 

Mia still freaks out that the chair moves.  It clearly cannot be trusted to support her 34 pounds because it can raise, lower and recline all at the push of a button.  It could collapse and send her careening to the floor in an instant!  I only had to hold her hand until she knew for sure that the chair was done moving.  And when I say hold her hand, which might be a bit understated.  She practically climbed up my arm while clinging with every other limb to the chair even though it had already stopped moving.   I had them recline the chair prior to her laying back and then when it was in position we helped her scoot up the chair.  You would have thought that we were asking her to shimmy out on a guy wire in between two 50 story buildings.  But she did it, with no crying.  And after she trusted the chair she was good.

Jac did great.  I think that by next visit he will be able to go by himself.  Such a big boy.  Although when asked what flavor toothpaste he wanted the hygienist rattled off all eight flavors and he just stared at her.  So she said, "Would you like Strawberry?"  And he simply nodded.  I am positive that strawberry would not have been his first choice. 

So, when the dentist was finished looking at the kids teeth she told me that they looked great.  But Mia's bite is out of whack and as far as the dentist is concerned the only way to get that mouth back into whack is to get the thumb out.  First of all, no.  She is three and a half and she is not going to be convinced to stop sucking her thumb.  Second of all, I may be mean mommy at times but I will not and I repeat WILL NOT put yucky stuff on her thumb so she won't suck on it.  That is cruel for her and for everyone else in the house who would then have to live with her while she can't sleep and she can't soothe herself.  Third and finally, I had really snaggly teeth when I was little.  I mean, they went every which way.  I had permanent teeth coming in behind baby teeth; I had to have one baby tooth removed.  I had crazy teeth as a kid, but at some point after all my baby teeth were gone they straightened out.  They aren't perfect or movie star teeth, but they are good.  Mia has my teeth exactly.  I am not spending a dime on teeth straightening until she gets all her permanent teeth. 

Here is the conversation on the way home.

"The dentist wants you to stop sucking your thumb." 

"Why, mommy?"

"She says that your teeth will come in crooked and you will have to wear braces someday."

"Are braces like bracelets for your teeth?" Jac pipes in.

"Yes, and they have to stay on a long time."

"How do they stay on, won't they fall off?"  Jac is interested.

"They use some sort of glue.  Mia, you don't have to stop sucking your thumb.  Big girls don't suck their thumbs, but you still need it and that is okay.  Maybe when you are four or five you can think about stopping." 

"Maybe when I am six, mommy."  (With the sound of sucking in the background, clearly we have hit a nerve.)

Seriously.  This is what my three year old said.  Maybe when I am six years old, which in toddler years is at least a decade.  What she really just said, was lay off, I will think about stopping when I am in my early 20s.


Sharon said...

Daphne did not seem to have a problem and did the thumb thing up into to school at night. I think everything is OK.

You know this is a like a journal for you and the kids will love it when they are grown.

Are you saving this somewhere?
talk to you soon.

Three Against One said...

That is exactly why I would not let my girls become thumb suckers it is too hard to take it away, lets face it you can't. They both took to the binky well and I had them off of it by 18 months.

Being that I use to work in the dental field I have seen first hand what having a binky or sucking the thumb can do beyond the age of 2. I know you don't want to hear this and could probably give a rats a$$ about what I think, but I agree with your dentist. Sorry! :(

Dawn said...

No need to be sorry! I am cashing in my sleeping credits right now for some future expense in braces.