Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starting Seeds - Onions and Cauliflower

Please don't call me crazy.  This is my hobby people.  I know it seems odd, old ladyish and maybe just a bit "I live in California on a commune and have no running water".  Just accept it, it is who I am.  I know all of your dirty little secrets.  I know that your hobbies include making endless tutus, jewelry, knitting yards and yards of scarves - and there are plenty of you out there with a closet of shame.  You know the closet (or bathtub or entire room of your house!) that has thousands of dollars in craft supplies, scrapbooking tools, paper and projects started and never finished - don't deny it!  Well, for those of us who cannot make anything that doesn't resemble a second grade project, we have to waste our money somewhere too.  My hobby is making things grow. 

It has been my hobby in some form or fashion since I was little.  My mom gave me some seed and a tiny plot of land to grow my very own Calendulas.  I did.  I stuck them in the ground, they sprouted, and they grew into beautiful flowers.  I was hooked.

This is my newest venture.  I am trying to grow veggies.  I want lots of veggies.  I want to have to give away veggies.  I want a bumper crop.  I am not sure if this is something I will do with this much gusto every year.  Sometimes I do things just to see or prove that I can do them.  But regardless, I have just started some onions and cauliflower.  Onions and cauliflower (all of the cabbage family including broccoli) go into the ground before the last frost, which means I have to grow some sizeable plants in the month or so because they don't like hot weather at all.

My veggies will be from seed and they will be as organic as I can possibly make them with non GMO seeds.  Hopefully you find this slightly interesting, because I may be talking about it a lot.

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