Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oatmeal Kind of Day

We have had a busy week and often when I am feeling burnt out and tired I turn to oatmeal.  Well, truth be told I turn to cookies first and then oatmeal (cookies were yesterday).  It reminds me to slow down, it reminds of my childhood and it soothing and gentle on my tummy.  Jac agrees, loves the oatmeal.  He doesn't love it in a "feed me this every day" kind of way, more in a "how many chocolate chips can I put in my oatmeal" kind of way. 

The little one on the other hand could totally do with less oatmeal in her life.  She actually said, "Mommy I just want chocolate chips, sugar and milk.  I don't like the oatmeal."  Well, well, well.  So you just want to eat melted sugar, chocolate and milk do you?  Isn't that ganache?  For breakfast?  I am old school when it comes to breakfast.  You eat it, or else and it better be something that has some redeeming quality.  Like a flax waffle, I  know you will drown it in syrup but at least there is something there.  So dear Mia, you must eat your oatmeal!


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Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Ganache for breakfast! That gave me a good chuckle!!!

I will have to dig around, but at one time I had a recipe for Breakfast Cookies (basically a beefed up oatmeal cookie).