Monday, February 22, 2010

Bye Bye Baby

Saturday will be a big day in our household.  Mia's big girl bed arrives on Saturday.  Well, her mattress arrives, we have yet to decide on a bed for her.  Regardless, the crib will be taken down on  Friday in preparation for Saturday's arrival. 

When asked about this, Mia seems indifferent.  She is somewhat excited about getting new bedding, and she definitely has in her mind that this bed will be "princessy" in nature.  (Which is interesting because she really doesn't gravitate toward the "princessy" items.)  She wants a canopy bed with lots of pink frothy tulle everywhere, of course I said "no" to that.  But she can have tulle, somewhere, just not a canopy. 

What she really wants is a bunk bed.  Both her and Jac think it would be really cool to have bunk beds and they both want the top bunk.  I said "no" to the bunk beds also.  Maybe if they still like each other in three years we can talk about bunk beds.  I do not need kids falling out of beds and going BUMP in the night. 

I talked to Mia about the sleeping situation when her new bed gets here.  She seems to think that for a few nights she will sleep in her bed and then a few nights she will sleep in Jac's bed.  Right now they sleep together, I really don't see that changing any time soon.  After kicking each other relentlessly before they fall asleep, they cuddle up quite nicely and spoon all night.  They both really like to have a warm body next to them.  I think that will change as they get older, but for right now I don't see it changing.  So it will be musical beds I think, a rotation through the house of whose bed we are sleeping in tonight. 

Some of you may think, why is this three and a half year old still in a crib anyway.  Actually she has been sleeping with Jac for almost a year.  So since she was two and a half she has essentially been in a big bed, just not alone.  She only sleeps in her crib to nap, and even then sometimes she sleeps in my bed or Jac's bed or we take her crib mattress out and she sleeps on the floor.  The crib is really more of a symbol at this point of giving up all things baby and neither of us has been in a huge hurry to graduate. 

She has always been quite level headed in her tantrums and although she has threatened to crawl out a quick warning of how much it will hurt would quickly quell the threat.  Jac was the one to throw himself over the edge without a second thought.  I understand why people move children out of cribs, but for Mia it never was a necessity.  We didn't need the crib for another sibling and she was perfectly content sleeping in it, so why rush?  I think I may have to get the video camera out for the dismantling of the crib.  It will be like packing away the rest of her baby clothes, it has been a mainstay in our lives for three and half years.  **sigh** 

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Daphne said...

She has grown so quickly. The years have flown.