Thursday, February 18, 2010

How are babies made?

I knew that would get your attention.

Well, we haven't had that question just yet, but I know that it is around the corner.  Yesterday on the way home from dance class a lively discussion ensued.  I love listening to Jac and Mia's reasoning skills and try not to stamp out all creativity unless there are some severely wrong concepts being thrown around.

It all started with a fading sunset.  Mia has been discussing the difference between sunrise and sunset.  We were heading west and Mia said, "aha the sunset". 

"Is that the other side of the Earth?"  Jac asked.  I think what he meant was, since it is getting dark here the sun must be on the other side of the earth.  However, I had to tell him that the light we could see receding was definitely not the other side of the earth.  I told him it was probably a couple of hours away.

"We would have to fly a plane to the other side of the earth."  Mia reasoned.  (Exactly sister.)

"You could get there by boat or by plane.  You  know Jac, you have been in a plane when you were really small."  I said.

"Yeah, me too."  Mia said.

"No, you haven't been on a plane.  Well, you were in my belly so I guess you have sort of taken a flight."  I continued.

"Mommy, did we fly in a plane to Texas?"  Jac asked.  Our Texas roots run deep.

"Well, we flew in a plane from Texas to Missouri to look for houses before we moved here."  I explained.

"So the three were born here and we flew to get Jac in Texas."  From the three year old, Huh?  How did she come up with that?

"Well, you are right, Mommy, Daddy and Mia were born in Missouri, but we didn't fly to Texas to get Jac.  We lived in Texas and Jac was born there and then we moved to Missouri and you were born here." 

Oh my goodness. 

Then I thought of another conversation regarding babies in bellies that we had last summer.  Jac was asking if I came out of Daddy's belly and he came out of my belly and then with a strange look in his eye, Mia must have come out his belly......  Like Russian dolls.  And what an interesting world we would live in if that is truly how it worked.


Daphne said...

With the avid imaginations in your house it may be soon!

Three Against One said...

Oh yes the dreaded question. Claire starting asking it last summer while we were on vacation and in a car with my parents. I don't even remember how I responded then, but it has been asked at least 3-4 times since then too. It is a really hard question to answer now matter how much thought and planning you put into it once you start to respond it all sounds wrong.
Good luck once it happens! :)

Dawn said...

You will have to give me some pointers. I am so not prepared and I get the feeling that this is something that I should just wing!