Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mia isms - Before She is All Growed Up!

My little Mia is growing up.  I know it happens, everyone warned me.  I didn't realize that just like each passing year of my life gets faster so too does each year of my children's lives get faster.  Did that make sense?  Time is like a snowball.

So before my baby is no longer a baby I really need to capture her little quirks.  She will be three and a half on March 7th and certainly all children are unique but this one is so packed full of personality, sometimes it scares me.  I know that Jac lost a lot of his lisp and baby expressions right around four.  So her big girl voice could be just around the corner with a whole slew of big girl expressions.

Here is a list, no particular order of my faves.

  • zizzers  (scissors)
  • wipe (white, so when used in a sentence in combination with the fact that she can barely pronounce an "L" you get - "I need a widdle wip stuff out of the wipe one.")
  • Lots of pronouns still, for instance, "Somebody needs to carry me inside."  I will look around like there is a crowd of people gathered around her, nope, just me and her getting out of the car.
  • Anytime an explanation is required she starts with the word "well", except she pronounces it "whale" or "wale".  "Mia, did you wash your hands?"  "Wale, and then a long drawn out explanation about why the hands did not get washed."
  • She hates to be on the edge of anything and will freak out, but she also doesn't want to be crowded in the middle.  She did explain the other night that there can only be two people in the bed and not three when I tried to lay down with her and Jac.
  • Bezzurt (dessert)
  • She doesn't like to wear gloves because it is hard to suck your thumb through the gloves. 
  • The other day she said, "I'm almost growed up. I'm gonna get a new house."  And then, "When I am growed up like as tall as mommy. I'm gonna be a mommy or a da - -- I'm gonna be a mommy."
  • Jac is thinking he wants a space theme for his birthday party, for some reason Mia is always compelled to come up with her birthday theme at the same time as Jac even though she has three months to wait.  Last year, Jac wanted Diego and Mia wanted Dora, funny thing is my kids really aren't into Diego and Dora.  So after Jac said he wanted the space them, Mia said "and I want a car birthday party".  Did I hear you correctly little girl? Cars?  So much for the princess party I was planning.
  • Speaking of space, for anything that is large or too hard to count or really long, "as big as outer space" is a term used frequently.
  • In some areas, like buttering her own toast, pouring her own drink and helping  me cook, she is fiercely independent.  However, she doesn't like to dress herself and will play the baby card frequently when something is asked of her.  I truly don't know where she gets that.
  • I love it when she says, "Mommy...." pause pause pause "Mommy....." pause pause pause "Mommy....." pause pause pause "Mommy....".  Actually, I don't love it.  It drives me batty, I don't know if she is waiting for me to respond or if she is trying to think of what to say.
  • And of course the lisp.  All "S"s sound like "TH"s, so cute.  "Mommy, stho you need to help me with sthomeping upsthairs."


Angela Blair said...

What a great idea to write all this down. It's true, once it's gone, you forget it so fast.

Daphne said...

My favorite has to be when she says wipe!

Dawn said...

My memory is terrible. I really have to write things down, because it all just becomes a blur.

Heather said...

This picture reminds me of one when you were young and had about the expression but had just cut your own bangs.