Sunday, November 21, 2010

Documenting Baby #3s Birth Story

Saturday, November 20th - Went for a really long walk with my neighbor.  Probably walked about 2 miles (which is really long for me these days) with hills.  Raked leaves and shoveled them into bags with the whole family for at least an hour, maybe longer.  Sat on the exercise ball I bought on Friday as much as I could stand during afternoon and evening.  Evacuated my bowels, nice way of saying I had diarrhea sometime around 5pm with some pretty serious contractions.  Thought to myself, this is it!  Didn't eat dinner, but was hungry by 8pm so had a snack.  Went to bed at 10:30 with some mild contractions, but nothing regular. 

Sunday, November 21st - Woke up several time with contractions that were uncomfortable.  Was up with Mia at 4:30 because she had a bad dream.  Starving, came downstairs and ate a peanut butter sandwich.  Started blogging and timing contractions at 4:45.  They are currently eight to ten minutes apart, not very intense though.  Haven't heard from Mia, assume she is back to sleep.

During the day today, I pulled weeds and cleaned up a couple of flower beds.  I also learned that the barometric pressure is falling in St Louis as I type and it is a Blue Moon tonight (3rd full moon of a season with four).  It would be a great night to have a baby.

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